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chris ma 14th September 2001 02:43 PM

Does anyone has instructions for me to bypass the suppression of digital output for the Sony DVD7700 North America version. Right now it is down converted to 48khz to feed into the MSB Link II DAC which it can sample up to 96khz.
The Sony DVD7700 just past three years old, so extended warranty runs out anyway.
Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.
Please help.

Dave 9th January 2002 09:09 AM


Maybe if you found a 24/96 data line and associated clocks in the DVD player you could get it out of there and into the DAC.

chris ma 9th January 2002 01:03 PM


How can one tell where and what to look for inside the DVD player. What I thought would be just tap into the PCM 24/96 signal path before it gets down converted and connect it to a new RCA output jack mount to a new hole in the back of the player.
I know that MSB offer such upgrade, but the price and shipping does not make sense for around $520 cdn.
That's why I try to get some help here to DIY it.


Schaef 9th January 2002 01:39 PM

My first question is are you sure its down-converting? Secondly, have you made sure there isn't some setting that will allow you to turn off the down-conversion? On my player, (Panasonic RV30) there's an option to down-convert or transmit bit-stream. By setting appropriately it should work as expected.

chris ma 9th January 2002 02:48 PM

The DVP7700 is the second generation dvd player I think, three year old now, at that time I think Sony tried to be compatible with those a/v receivers that can only handle up to 48khz.

The manual stated very clearly that the PCM digital output for CDs has been down converted except DVDs AC3 or DTS signals.

There is no option on the machine nor with the remote to set the conversion rate. Unless there is a jumper setting inside the machine I do not know, does anybody know ?


chris ma 22nd March 2002 12:44 PM

I am sure it is down converting, because the MSB Link Dac would have the lights came on to show the current sample rate depending on the source material. When I was playing CD in the DVD player the MSB lights on at 41khz, but when playing DVD the MSB shows 48khz. Actually does anybody know if I am playing a CD that is with 24bit/196khz recording, should I expect to see the MSB Dac to sample it at 98khz which is its maximum? Or it would still process it at 41khz because of it is a CD format rather than a DVD even if I can get the bit stream out and bypass the down converting process by the Sony 7700?

Please help.

Dave 30th March 2002 07:43 AM

If you can find the DAC chip in the DVD Player it should be fed by a 24/96 stream.

lazy 30th March 2002 04:36 PM

I know many DVD can only ouput 48Khz pcm stream both in digital and dac ouput due to the limit of decoder chip, and some DVD is down converted to 48khz because of copy right protection. So you can't get the 96/24 digital out if it has no the option.
If interface of the DAC and decoder chip can support 96/24, you can use a digital transmit chip to encoder the Dac data to digital out. Crystal has some chip can do it.

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