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Fred Dieckmann 23rd October 2002 03:31 PM

Your bright and pretty Eng.Co op
Not mine anymore:bawling: You ALL stay away from my Lab Bunny:att'n: She is practically a child, and as her mentor and friend :Pinoc: I think of her as the daughter I never had.:knight:
I taught her to solder and run Spice models.:yes:She would give the rest of you a complex out of jelousy for her knowlege anyway.:spin:


Elso Kwak 23rd October 2002 03:49 PM

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Hi Fred,
<B>VERY</B> beautiful picture. Usually it is not done with the hand in front of the face but here it looks very natural and gracious.
In light of you previous posts I doubt she is your LabBunny, spouse, girlfiend or anything.:D

mrfeedback 23rd October 2002 11:59 PM

Air Guitar....
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Elso, maybe this pix is more the truth...... :D

tiroth 24th October 2002 12:55 AM


Fred Dieckmann 24th October 2002 01:20 AM

Mystery Women
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She is a former co op from my last telecom job. She just got her engineering degree in the lousiest local economy for engineering that I can remember. She is about 23, I think. I got permission from my wife before meeting Miss co op for desert at my wife and I's favorite cafe. The waitress who knows my wife and I gave me the evil eye so bad that I had to explain the whole thing to the her and that I had permission from the wife. The hand in front of the face is because she was being difficult and did not want her picture taken that day. Don't be fooled by the looks, this girl is sharp as a tack. Why would such a sweet girl have desert with the monster you all say I am?:confused:


mrfeedback 24th October 2002 01:31 AM

Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery...
"Why would such a sweet girl have desert with the monster you all say I am?"

Ummm, so she can learn to be like you ? :D


Peter Daniel 24th October 2002 01:33 AM

Did she take a picture of you as well?:angel:

Fred Dieckmann 24th October 2002 03:18 AM

Did she take a picture of you as well?
That was the dispute actually, as she wanted one of us together. A Beauty and the Beast shot if you will.... You would not believe how much better someone looks standing next to me for contrast. I think she wanted to cut it in half and use my half to scare pest from her apartment.


jean-paul 24th October 2002 08:18 AM

Just curious, does she know that her pic is on the web now ?
With guys that are drooling at her picture ...

Fred Dieckmann 24th October 2002 08:55 AM

does she know that her pic is on the web now
Miss co op would shoot me! But how in good faith can I deny the DIY world such a treasure? I would like to think you are all dreaming about her soldering, measurement (skills, not her actual measurements you trolls!), and Spice simulation skills. I could kick myself that I lost the pics of her in the Lab with a scope probe in her delicate hand, with it's solid Jade bracelet. Art, science, and beauty in perfect balance......No you guys just could not have stood it, and the thought of grown audio geeks in all corners of the planet with tears streaming down thier faces, and the riot that would surely follow, was too much for even for a hardened criminal like me to bear. There are some sights just not meant for mortals......


P.S. Besides, the level of excitement you all achieved looking at circuits was really starting to creep me out and drastic therapy seemed in order!!! And the naked capacitors incident...well I won't EVEN go there......

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