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vincent_brient 20th February 2005 09:06 PM

who listened to DSD1792?
Have you listened to DSD1792 (or compared the sound to TDA1541 or PCM56 and other good sounding DACs)?
The measurement is excellent but is-it good sounding in a CD player?

JohnW 22nd February 2005 04:35 AM

The Denon DVD-2900 & DVD-2200 use the DSD1792 - might be worthwile hunting down reviews on these machines.

Also this thread


JohnW 22nd February 2005 04:41 AM

Also Musical Fidelity use the DSD1792 in there Tri-Vista 21 DAC and SACD player


relder 22nd February 2005 05:27 AM

I can't answer your question yet, but I plan on using one to replace the 1791 in my Pioneer 563 mainly since it appears to respond to the same register control codes as the existing 1791 (a voltage out DAC). I'm then planning on a Pass D1 for the I/V. I just received the 1792 in the mail last week. I'm also contemplating a discrete DSD output w/ no DAC at all (maybe, still got some thinking to do about that. :scratch: )

So I might be able to answer your question in 6 months or so when I finish the project! :smash:


JohnW 22nd February 2005 06:38 AM

Some reviews say that the DVD-2200 uses the DSD1791 :scratch:

TNT 7th March 2005 06:51 PM

"I'm also contemplating a discrete DSD output w/ no DAC at all (maybe, still got some thinking to do about that."

Interesting - mind sharing some more of this?


relder 7th March 2005 09:06 PM


Originally posted by TNT

Interesting - mind sharing some more of this?

I basically plan on taking the DSD bitstream, amplifying it (via just mosfets used as switches) and filtering it, if it's as simple as that. Sony used to make a big deal as to how simple it is.

Some things I'm not sure of:
1) The DSD bitstream is encoded in such a way that I can't do that, I.e. it's not the PWM signal that a DAC gets but some other packetized format. Another thread seemed to suggest that the bitstream is indeed the DSD PWM signal that can be simply filtered to get output, I'm assuming that's the case for now.
2) How much amplification is needed to get the typical 2V output of a CD player. Theoretically the output of a filtered 1V PWM signal could get up to 1V I think (not an EE in my day job, will have to hit the books to know what's correct) but I'm guessing that real encoded signals don't use all that bandwidth, i.e. a 0dB signal is less then that, so I need to figure out the details on that, probably via experimentation if I can't find any docs.

I don't want to amplify the filtered signal later on as I plan on just using the source follower of the Pass/Wayne D1 to buffer it, which will be relay switched between the D1 I/V converter and the discrete DSD. Hence the desire to figure out what voltage the switching mosfets need to be at.

At least that's the plan in my head.


TNT 7th March 2005 09:15 PM

I'm sorry that I cant help You on the details - hopfully other may have insigth, but please keep us posted if You try this !


Htguy 9th March 2005 05:27 AM

Denon 2900...
The denon dvd 2900 used the BB 1790 dac Not the BB 1792 dac. (Denon had burr brown make the 1790 just for them)

God bless...


McJan 21st January 2017 03:06 PM

I got the DSD1792 in my SA-11S3 from Marantz... It sound nice, but in my case i like bette the CS4397. I think it's sound more warm and i will like to repalce my DSD1792 to a more warm dac but still got all what DSD1792 is giving in the soundstage, but with a more touch of warm sound :-) Is there any that knows a replacement for DSD1792 thats is in the same high end site but sound more warm =?

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