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DragonMaster 11th November 2004 03:09 AM

Maybe you'll find me crazy but . . .
Building a DAC with CS494003 (DD7.1, DTSEX, MPEG, ... decoder 144-pin) and CS43122 DACs(Are they good at least? 28-pin no software). The receiver works on S(D)RAM, compatible with Intel or Motorola processors format(Cool, can use 65000... processors and an EEPROM to drive it).

Problems :
-Who wants to design one.
-Are 144-pin adapters available(144-pin DIP . . .)
-I know SRAM sockets can be bought, but does SRAM can be bought.
-Can they be bought somewhere.(These guys at have been able to get 15$ samples, so maybe from Cirrus directly it will work)

rfbrw 11th November 2004 05:42 AM

Tell you what. You give me the Dolby, DTS and SDDS licences and I'll do the rest.

DragonMaster 11th November 2004 02:41 PM

I emailed DTS, might receive a NO but we should try first.

rfbrw 11th November 2004 03:21 PM

This has been covered many times before. The licences are priced well in to the thousands and the only other option requires bona fide academic support. Dolby is the only real option but it requires you to create your own coefficients.

macboy 11th November 2004 03:34 PM

Might receive a "No" from DTS? Ha. You will receive a "No". I'm not trying to be cynical, just realistic.

You'll probably be more likely to have success if you just forget all about the licenses and the reference code from the DSP manufacturers. If you don't sell a product, you don't need a license. Dolby cannot prevent us from tinkering with AC-3 bitstreams for our own enjoyment. So write some DSP code yourself. You'll need some detailed specs with the necessary algorithms and coefficients, and you'll probably want some reference code, so take a look at any of the several open-source dolby digital decoders, such as liba52 (successor to libac3), ac3dec, or ac3filter. For DTS, take a look at libdts (aka libdca for DTS Coherent Acoustics). For legal reasons, the authors of libdts are not distributing the source anymore, but it can be found elsewhere. These are all written in C and should be portable enough to form the basis for a DSP based decoder.

DragonMaster 11th November 2004 07:05 PM

Other option : using let's say a P200MMX with a micro mainboard, running linux from memory stick, sandisk . . .

But this option would need a couple of 24b/192k stereo SPDIF or I2S outputs.

At the micro mobos price better get a Pioneer with outputs on the back(And play with the stereo DACs), or get a Yamaha with some BB PCM17xx DACs in it(While this might cost more $$$). Or the crappy 100w 120$ receivers(Problem : you'll throw new parts maybe someone would have wanted too for an enabled chip, since the amps, preamp and speakers are crap)

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