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cowanrg 10th October 2004 01:24 AM

mods for the Denon DVD-3910
after getting back from an audio show in denver, i noticed the sources for MOST of the systems were modded denon players. i just recently got the new 3910 from denon, and its great. im just wondering if anyone has modded it yet?

Htguy 25th October 2005 12:49 PM

3910 mods

I am planning to mod one here soon. I'll start with the analog output board and PS.

God bless...


cowanrg 7th January 2006 12:15 AM

well, have you started doing anything to yours yet?

i see a bunch of posts on audiogon talking about mods. most of them tell exactly what they are doing. for instance, replacing the opamps with AD8620, bias the output stage to class A (i would have NO idea how to do this), switch out the output jacks (i probably wouldnt mess with this), upgrade the signal wire from a PCB trace to a wire, replace all "critical" resistors to rikens (22 total), change out a bunch of caps, replace power supply caps, change power supply diodes to FREDs and HEXFREDs, soundproof the chassis, and a few other things.

so it looks like the easiest things to do that would make the most sense would be to replace the opamps. they are probably REALLY cheap. then, look into what caps are in the critical signal path, and replace those. then upgrade PSU caps and diodes. then replace crappy resistors with new ones. that should get you a decent improvement.

i used to have some very high res photos of the boards. ill have to find it, it would be easier than taking apart my unit. ill post them if i find them.

cowanrg 7th January 2006 12:27 AM

well, here are the pics. took awhile to track down, but these should help out:

very high resolution pics of the audio and video boads:

a lot of caps to upgrade...

R-K Rønningstad 1st December 2006 04:45 PM

Are there anything to tell about modifying the Denon DVD player?

Do you have a schematics? I have not, but there is one thing I would like to know; Does the DVD3910 (and other Denons) convert SACD/DSD to PCM before conversion? I googled the Denon some time ago, and the results indicated the use of an IC which purpose in this world was to convert DSD to PCM.

Rolv-Karsten Rønningstad

Ryssen 1st December 2006 05:40 PM


Do you have a schematics?

R-K Rønningstad 1st December 2006 07:36 PM

Or is it converted to PCM via e.g. a NPC SM5816 before doing bass management and speaker delay in the PCM domain in a DSP?

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