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MRehorst 18th June 2002 12:01 AM

Yamaha Audio Master CDRW mode
Does anyone have any experience with Yamaha's CRW3200 CDRW drive used in the "Audio Master" mode? Does it work as claimed (not the silly crap about recovering audio lost during the recording process, which we all know can only be done with wood pucks inscribed with asian ideograms:p) and actually improve the quality of audio CD copies compared to conventionally made CD copies?


JonMarsh 18th June 2002 04:08 AM

That's a tough one to answer in a truly meaningful way.

However, I can say that CD's I've burned using the audio mastering mode have played flawlessly on any player, and the sound (over a big Sony SACD player as a transport, and a custom DAC with zero loop feedback direct coupled output electronics) is at least as good as the original disk- and I've used it to burn very good sounding CD's from the redbook hybrid layer of SACD's.

Soooo, besides being fast and relatively cheap, the audio burn quality is quite good. It is better than some older ACER drive, but I'm not sure I'd make that claim vs. my high end Sony SCSI Spressa drive- but the Yamaha cost less than half.

For any one making their own compilations, I think it's a good one to check out- but how good, and whether you could hear a difference would depend on the system. For example, the colorations in the redbook output of the SCD777ES would swamp any difference between the Yamaha and most other burner's I've used (Plextor, Sony).



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