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jarthel 10th June 2002 12:31 PM

what's a better dropin replacement for a 7805?
My CD player uses this voltage regulator and you may know a better substitute for it.

thanks for the reply. :)


NickC 10th June 2002 01:34 PM

5 volt regulator from linear tech
lt devices are good and lower in noise than the standard lm78** series as the lt devices are shunt regulated.
However the prices are expensive

jwb 10th June 2002 07:59 PM

related question: why does there not seem to be good negative analogs to the LT1086? The LT1185 seems close but then they seem to think of it as more of a current regulator than a negative voltage regulator. The LT1175 is nice but the max input is -20V. That probably isn't an issue for 5V rails but it's a problem in some situations. Linear has a huge range of nice positive regulators but nothing for negative.

Anyway i know the LT1085 is widely favored on this forum, but their RMS noise spec is the same as that for ye olde LM317.

I spent a long time trying to figure out what regulator i wanted to use in a low-current +/-18V supply for a recent project, before I finally said ****it and used 317/337 with ADJ bypassed. I figured there was no need to stress over the noise figures because the design is balanced and the power rail noise will get rejected at the next amplifier or downstream.

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