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hatasa 14th May 2002 07:31 PM

Clavn Frog CDP with the own bulid DAC and Lcaudio optioned!
Hi all:

Here is the latest job of mine.....

DAC Board using the NPC SM5843AP1 + PCM1702PK

Directly connect to the zapfilter with the current mode...

Also installed the LCXO2.....

PrimeCase 17th May 2002 05:26 PM

so where do we get one of these frogs ?
looks very tidy, good work.

is the bare player available in the US as it looks to be quite a well made unit and I'm on the lookout for a no nonsense player.

many thanks


hatasa 17th May 2002 06:22 PM


You can go to the following URL for more detail on this CDP....


PhopsonNY 26th May 2002 11:08 PM

How did you connect Zapfilter in Current mode?
hi Hatasa,

that seems really cool:eek:

I have searched the archives sith respect to your attempts to use the Zapfilter in current mode.

How did you do it in the end?:confused:

How does it sound?

hatasa 27th May 2002 08:36 AM



Becoz I using the PCM1702PK which are the current out DAC. So I can directly input the signal to the I/V part of the zapfilter with the current mode.

Actrully there are some of the Burr Brown DAC also with the current out, like the PCM63,1702 and the PCM1704....

The sound is nice. The performance of the CDP actrully depands on the transport, clock, DAC and the output stage. Ofcoz there have at other things make the sound difference. Like the design of the regulator, the basement of the transport, case......

The main flame of the Frog CDP not bad. Using the Sony transport with the controller. And mod. with the LCXO and using the Zapfilter. The original DAC of the Frog CDP is CS4391. It is the low grade of the Crystal DAC. Performance not as good as the high level DA chips. That's why I like to replace it as the better DAC.

NPC filter is easy to use and it easy to buy in Hong Kong. PCM1702PK is one of the best choice after the PCM63PK. For honest I dont like the sound of the PCM1704.... And actrally it is no need to use the 96/24 chipset. So I chose this chip set.

The sound of the mod CDP can be win with the CDP like the Cary 303, Sonic Fronties CDP1.... the cost which in the range of the USD$1500....

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