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Harmon 2nd May 2002 10:12 PM

Rotel cd player
I have a Rotel RCD-971 cd player. What is your opinion of this player and are there any tweaks for it. Thanks

HarryHaller 2nd May 2002 10:19 PM

No tell for Rotel. They smell.

Peter Daniel 2nd May 2002 10:44 PM

It all depends how often you clean them.;)
Check LC Audio link: There must be a reason for being the best European player. Although I never owned Rotel they have a reputation for producing good sounding gear at reasonable prices.

b_online 14th May 2003 12:13 AM

Rotel mods

The 971 cd is halfway good.
I would probably try to upgrade to a 2nd hand 991, also from Rotel.
Later on, reclock it, and modify op-amps, and everything you can on the output stage.
I have heard that the Trichord Research Clock 3 together with the "Never Connected" power supply feeding exclusively the clock is an amazing upgrade!

Best of luck!

carlosfm 14th May 2003 04:07 PM

Well, first thing is Rotel cd-players, even the cheapest ones, normally have Burr Brown op-amps (OPA2134), and that's not bad at all.
What doesn't make sense to me is having HDCD support (PMD100 digital filter) and an 18bit dac.:scratch:
Curious. :eek: :bawling:

Drew 1st September 2003 05:31 AM

Re: Rotel CD Player
hey there - in my opinion rotel makes a fantastic cd player for the money. the rcd971 was my fav cd player at a local hifi shop but i couldn't afford it. but it could sound sooo much better with a little help (hint). brown bread, brown bread - the case, the chasis, the transport, caps ( if you don't intend on changing them), add an emi filiter, upgrade the power cable. it will amaze you. i have a rcd930ax that i have completely done up. just compared it to a rcd1070. the mod 930 blew it away.

ChuckT 1st September 2003 10:33 AM

The 971 is a very good player for the price. Drew advice is good.
The 971 uses the PCM63 dac, a very good sounding dac used by many top end player. The PMD100 is not that bad either, I believe Linn CD12 (1st version?) uses the PMD100.
I would definitely replace the opamp if it uses opa2134. I had very good result replacing the opa2134 with the LM6172 in my preamp. You might also try the LC Audio ad825 module. Can anybody tell me if the 971 originally uses Blackgate inside, my 971 came modded.

bequerel 1st September 2003 02:59 PM

Yes, ChuckT, RCD971 has BlackGates from the factory.

I have a sample of this player myself, and I have started to modify it.
I have changed the resistors in the analog output stage to Vishays, and the caps to Infinicaps from my parts bin. Will also install an LCAudio clock and change the opamps to AD825.

Some time ago I bought some Lundahl trannies that would make an excellent output stage for the PCM63 DAC. I have some extra PCM63-K DAC chips, so I intend to use them in a piggy-back config (on top of each other), with the transformers connected directly to the DAC chip (pin 5/6 + gnd) to see what I think.

ChuckT 1st September 2003 04:31 PM

Hi bequerel, I have exactly what you have, LC clock, AD825 , 2 PCM63-K on hand and LL1636. The LC clock and AD825 is already install when I got it. The output BG was also bypassed with a 0.1uf RTX cap, which made the sound almost bright and unbalance, replace it with some MCap and much better. I also pull out the feedback resistor and directly solder it on the opamp.
I haven't put in the PCM63-K yet, not sure if I should do the piggy back as they are 2 different grade. I'll have to finish my other stuff on the table before I put in the Lundahl .

bequerel 2nd September 2003 06:19 AM

Very interesting, ChuckT! Let us report back here at the forum when we are finished.

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