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jives11 20th April 2004 10:49 AM

Philips CD104 tweaks

Planning to mod my CD104.

Anyone suggests any mods ? I have replaced the captive leads.

I was thinking of first looking at the capas in the analogue section. My main problem is how you get the analogue board out . I figure you go in from underneath and remove a torx screw holding the board in place. Is there much more dismantling to be done , or is there a special way of removing the card ?

jives11 8th May 2004 09:40 PM

Here is what I did
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Thanks to Guido for the CDX manual

I studied the schematics and decided to try a few tweaks. I didn't want to :

1) Risk this ancient machine not working at all

2) Change the sound too much i.e destroy what I liked

3) Buy any new parts - so I raided my parts bin

Basically I :

1) Replaced the DC blocking caps on the decode board (underneath ) with wire links (caps 2573 & 2608). I use a Quad 44 which has DC blocking so these were unneccesary

2) Replaced the opamp decoupling caps with cerafines 25v/100uF (2624 & 2627) - seen in the picture

3) replaced the PSU board caps 2451 - 2456 with Elna RSH (16v /100uF) with the excpetion of 2455 which I used a 16v /100uF OSCON

still a bit hard at the top end but I think that it has greater imagery and depth.

jives11 8th May 2004 09:46 PM

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Here is the PSU board with the OSCON and 2 of the Elna RSH visible. You can also see the replaced captive interconnect

wahee 3rd October 2004 12:20 PM


some nice mods there. I have 2 players (the early gray and the later black model of the 104)

i have successfully got the black ne working and have replaced the audio leads as they were almost hanginf off:)

I have just one fault in the servo borad of the other player to sort out (the laser skips off the track after a minute of playing or so)

would you be so kind as to let me hve a copy of the service manual/schematic?

I have a .pdf guid to servicing this machine which might be of interest to you

kind regards

jives11 3rd October 2004 07:06 PM

CD104 = B & O CDX

Don't have CD104 schematics but do have B&O CDX which internally is almost the same. Schematics should be in your inbox as you read this.

wahee 3rd October 2004 07:58 PM

thanks very much for that. Im sorry though I was a bit of a wally and listed the wrong email address. I have just got a new bulk email address it should have been

could you resend


wahee 4th October 2004 07:16 PM

thanks for the manual. I now also have a full cd104 manual BTW if you need it

jives11 9th January 2006 05:52 AM

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Now swapped all the remaining caps from the decoder board for oscons. They were all 22uF/35v ( B&O CDX says there 40v) However none see a voltage greater than -18v. There is alsu one 1uF/35v cap too. I swapped in 22uF/20v oscons which fit well and a 1uF/20v. sorry for the poor picture but the oscons are the violet/blue caps

Sound is sweeter I'd say

Remaining tweak might be to add some ferrites to the 3 green inductors you can see in the picture. Need to device a means where they don't short with the groundplane.

chlo 9th January 2006 04:05 PM

Dear Wahee, Jives11,

I have a CD104 which is not functioning properly.Could you kindly send me a copy of CD104 manual.

many thanks in advance.


my email address: chuong_h_l at

jives11 12th January 2006 04:25 PM


Originally posted by chlo
Dear Wahee, Jives11,

I have a CD104 which is not functioning properly.Could you kindly send me a copy of CD104 manual.

many thanks in advance.


my email address: chuong_h_l at

Hi Chlo, did you get the CDX manual ?

what is your problem ? Is it the classic one where the player refuses to read the CD TOC until the player has been warmed up for 30 minutes or so ?

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