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earsandeyes 29th February 2004 12:58 PM

MARANTZ CD80 need for help
Dear friends

I am (was) the proud owner of a Marantz CD80. Until I dropped something heavy on the tray when it was open. (yes I know very, very stupid). In out mechanism is still working, To my first assessment the right hand side (from front view) white “nylon” tray “bearing” (horizontal movement) was snapped. There is no other visual damage. But the thing isn’t working anymore (sh……!)
I brought the player to my shop that did send it to the Dutch official Marantz repair unit. It came back with the statement no spare parts available anymore. Then I did start searching the web and found this beautiful Forum. Really great know-how you all bring to the party.

Based on the info I found I did a few tests:
Switching the machine on with the play and stop button pressed brings the machine into a kind of testing mode (is there a reset value as well?) It has three elements, one is moving the laser head up-and-down, one enables you to move the laser head laterally, and one switches one by one the relays on the right hand side PCB. When you put a disc in it shows on the front panel ER 03 P123. The laser is still emitting, nice orange.
Without the test mode switched on the CD starts spinning, reverses and the laser head seems to do some head banging.

Is there any chance this once so beautiful machine can be put into normal operation?
Who or what can be of help/support?

Jocko Homo 29th February 2004 05:05 PM

I have the manual somewhere...........I'll look up that error code and see what it means.

I hope.........


jean-paul 29th February 2004 05:20 PM

03 ERR Radial Start Error ( minimum eccentricity point not found ).

earsandeyes 29th February 2004 06:06 PM

Could this mean that the thing is hit hard at the the head and allignment is gone besirk?

jean-paul 1st March 2004 08:54 AM

Send me a PM via the mods if you are looking for a complete CDM1 MKII with metal drawer etc.

Attention: I only have *1* CDM 1 MKII for sale.

honsten 1st March 2004 06:05 PM

jean paul knows his stuff, i bet you he can fix it. i have a cd80 too, and i know how good they are,im so sorry.

earsandeyes 9th March 2004 09:54 PM

Happy News
I had a very usefull visit and e-mail conversation with Jean-Paul. It costed me dearly, but it worked out well.

The CD1-MKII he offered was attached to a non-CD80 board. Being not very well geared up to the electrostatics, I had to take a few very deep breaths before I took the decision to disassamble both PCB's (CD80 and the other) from their CDM's. Chances were that not only the CDM both also the PCB was damaged.

The recombination of the two do work.

Again a happy owner of a working CD80.

The whole exercise did give a lot of inspiration to upgrade/mod the CD80 and a lot of my other stuff.


jean-paul 10th March 2004 06:28 PM


It costed me dearly, but it worked out well.
60 Euro for a CDM 1 Mk II with a *good* laser is a bargain. I know several people ( all CD 80 owners ) searching for a CDM 1 Mk II that are willing to pay a lot more for one in good working order like the one I had. I decided to let you have it because yours seemed really broken.

earsandeyes 10th March 2004 07:39 PM

Not only the money. Also the nerves. Being not experienced it would have been a waste if I would have spoiled the CDM1/MK2.

Jean-Paul thank you again for the info and the support. Sofar I only received the PSU schematics. Do you also have the the other. I really think I am going to upgrade.


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