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awsj 29th January 2004 11:31 AM

Philips DVD-A Compatibility
Recently i bought a Philips 727k DVD player with a 192Khz/24 bit audio DAC. The specs says that it is for superb audio reproduction. But i dont understand the real purpose of it, since the player cannot playback/recognize a DVD-A format. Offcourse the player can still play the disc, using DVD-V format that it can recognize reproducing the DD or DTS companion audio track. What i know is these DD & DTS audio are sampled at 48Khz sampling rate, so it seems that the 192Khz DAC for audio playback serves no purpose at all. Does anyone out there know the answer? please tell me!.

Okay, another thing is that i'm suspecting that the 192Khz DAC chip does have the capability to decode the MLP format (DVD-A), only Philips have disable it for some reason that they did not support DVD-A format, since they are on the SACD side for quite a few years now.

With these in mind (i think), is it possible to force the player to recognize the DVD-A format and make it play the hi-res portion of audio through a firmware hack? since the hardware is already there, it is just a matter of enabling/programming certain modes in the chip itself.

Since i did not know exactly what type of DAC i mean the part number/manufacturer that my player have unless i have to open up the chasis and confirm it myself, or anyone out there know this please inform me.

kspv 4th May 2004 08:15 PM

I Own The Same Model...
I own the same model of Philips DVD player and use it for listening to CDs mainly, and for watching the ocassional movie. I searched the for the compatibility list of this player, and it does not specify any DVD-A capability for this player, neither does it give any details about "unblocking" this capability.

About 192 KHz/24 bit sampling, I too got little suspicious, and posed the question directly to Philips people. One Mr.Dalal of Philips sent me a reply email, and from what he states, it appears that when Philips says 192 KHz/24 bit sampling capability, they are really talking about upsampling and oversampling, and not the true 192 KHz sampling capability.

I do not know what DACs they use, as my player is under warranty, and I do not like to rip it open. But I compared the sound quality of this player to many other brands, and even some high-end CD players, and at its price, the sound quality of this player is really impressive.

But somehow, I noticed that it has a very long initializing time, i.e., it takes a long time to recognize the format of the disc. But once it does, it goes on performing smoothly.

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