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spence 27th January 2004 06:01 PM

Mods to Sony C222ES, Please Help

I just joined this forum after reading may threads, and being very impressed with the level of know-how here.

I have read all the threads on mods to the C222ES, and would like to undertake some mods myself, specifically:

- bypassing the coupling cap/resistors/muting transistors after output stage with a single 100 ohm resistor wired directly to new
output jacks.... as metnioned in a post by Dorkus.

Although I have experience building electronics (Heath kits etc.), I have little electronics knowledge (I'm a chemical engineer)... so I have the skills to do the work, I just don't know what to solder to what.

I would very much apreciate if someone could help me out with a picture or schematics and step by step instructions that would make it very clear what to do.

Thanks in advance, Spence

dantwomey 28th January 2004 12:01 AM

You can get some good hints my visiting SACD Mods website.


trigon 28th January 2004 12:26 AM

Or you can do the smallest change like replace rectifier's diodes with some fast recovery diodes and as well change these filter caps and you would be amazed what difference it can make.

I have done that to my SONY just few days ago with HARRIS diodes and voila like a new player with so much details and real things.

Hope this help;)


bart_dood 28th January 2004 03:07 PM

I just did my Sony SACD/DVD player
Hi there,

I just modded my new 685 DVD/SACD player, I swapped the standard 4558 Op-amp on the stereo output for a Burr Brown OPA2134, I also swapped the two 47uF caps on the L/R channels for Elna Cerafine caps and I removed the muting transistors.
I can't say for sure yet that the improvements have been major, although I can say the sound is certainly not worse.
The player makes a very slight "thump" sound not when its powered on or off if I have my preamp switched on and the volume is turned up, but its sooo slight its not worth worrying about (with the muting transistors removed).

I am going to look at the power supply next, I hear that switching supplies are noisey etc, so I am going to try and borrow our top of the line oscillascope (sp?) from the lab this weekend and see if this is measureable.

I will keep the board up to date!


spence 28th January 2004 04:54 PM

Apreciate all the suggestions!! dantwomey - I checked out the website, very cool... however I would like to attempt the mods myself (provides a certain level of personal satisfaction).

However, you have overestimated my knowledge of electronics....

I do not know where the muting transistors are, I don't know how to "remove" them (desolder from board, or bypass??).

Specifically, if I want to bypass the whole works (muting transistors, coupling caps, etc.) with a 100 ohm resistor connected to new output jacks; where do I connect the 100 ohm resistors to (a picture or schematic really would be worth 1000 words)?

I know that I'm being a pain here, with the complete lack of circuit knowledge; and you may wonder what I have to contribute to the Forum in return for your valuable advice... But I do have some knowledge that may be useful to this Formum for anything that spins or uses bearings or lubricants...

I said before I was a chem. eng., more specifically, I formulate and manufacture greases and other lubricants. If anyone would like to know about how the proper selection of lubes/greases (all are not equal) can significantly reduce noise and friction associated with rotating parts (cd transport, turntables... lots of stuff), let me know.

Thanks again, Spence

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