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Lyra 22nd January 2004 10:35 AM

Philips DVD-711 vs. Denon DCD-2560...sound???
I bought an old Philips DVD-711 with a ZAPFilter Mk2, and LCAudio XO2 clock installed.

Of course I played music with this player a couple of days before beginning to uninstall the LCAudio stuff.
With the LCAudio stuff the Philips sounded really really good !!!!, actually it played with more musicality that I can ever remember heard form a CD-player.....:eek:
The player is not very impressing when looking plastic etc. !!!

The main reason I bought this player was to get my hands on the LCAudio stuff after a couple of days I started deasemple it.....

Now I have mounted all the LCAudio stuff in my Denon DCD-2560 (heavy, old, and mecanically a good player, with four AD1862 DAC's (supposedly very good DAC's )).

The sound is now very clear and analytical, but I think not as musical as it was when playing at the relatively cheap DVD-player!?
Don't know witch ot the sounds are the "right" sound, but just maybe I prefer the little less analytical aproach of the Philips, but I don't want to take out the ZAPFiler++ from the Denon again, and mount it back in the DVD.....just doesn't feel right...I prefer well builded equipment!.....:xeye:

I dont know if the differences in sound is related to the differences in DAC's, or the mecanical, or a combination.
The clock, and outputstage is the same anyway...:)

Think I have to be on lookout for some player with the mecanical qualitys of my Denon, and the musicality of the DVD-player....and that don't look like old crap....

....any suggestions what I should look for ?
....CDPRO2 ?? (but not sure if I like the toploader thing...or witch casing I could use that look good also)

As for the TDA1541 dac, the main critic agains theese have been their analytical aproach to music (or so I have understand it). Does the AD1862's have the same "problem" ????

All the best!

bigparsnip 22nd January 2004 10:48 AM

HOw about another DVD player, I got a Pioneer DV-9393A a while back (should be going up on ebay soon as well, if that isn't too blatant a plug), but to me that had a very interesting range of qualities compared to my curent CD player and DAC combo (Cambridge audio D500, and DACmagic 2). Initialy, I noticed that the bass seem to go slightly lower than my current setup, and that the highs seemed even clearer with this. However, I also got he impression that I might need to get a new set of speakers soon, as this hinted at something good (reminded me of how my girlfriends mothers system sounds), but was being held back by the rather poor performance of my cheepish bookshelfs.

So, hopefuly, witht the correct speackers this would give real bounce to the music and whilst I have no real experience with many DVD or CD players (probably only two or three of each at the most), this player did seem to be the best sounding I have tried yet (although, this may be something to do with the fact that it is also supposed to be a rather high end DVD-A player too).

The other plus with tthe pioneer is that it is built like a tank and actualy wighs more (and is bigger than) my current amp! Unfortunatley, I have now realised that I cant get away with the golden colour and the fact that I'm only a studedn't who couldn't really afford to buy it, so it has to go.

But, anyway, what I 'm trying to say here (in a very dribbly and round about sort of way) is that perhaps, you might consider trying another DVD player, as the slightly different design emphasis with these devices may be responsible for the sound that you enjoyed so much.

Lyra 22nd January 2004 01:40 PM

I have tried a lot of different music on my newly uppgraded Denon....and I am seriously considering removing the LCAudio-stuff again, and place it back in the DVD-player. The uppgraded DVD-player sounded much BETTER !!!!

When playing the same musik on both players connected to different inputs of my preamp, I can hardly hear any difference at all between the uppgraded Denon, and the original DVD !!!!

When the DVD-player was uppgraded i connected the original output, and output from the ZAPFilter to different inputs of my preamp, and the deifference in sound was BIG !!! Much better from the ZAPFilter !!!!!

Does this make sense ???

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