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cm 4th December 2003 04:18 AM

Tda1543a S1
I went shopping a found this shop who had a pile of TDA1543 in a tray. Mixed up in there were TDA1543, and TDA1543A. The shop does not know the difference. The interesting thing is that the TDA1543A had S1 marked on it!

Does anyone know if this is the same nomenclature as the S1 in the TDA1541A i.e. I have found a goldmine?

Anyway, I got four pieces, and used them in paralel with my CD player that uses a CXD1135 chip. I tapped the BCK, LRCLK and DATA directly from the chip ( could not find the datasheet and hence I probe the pins to find a 2MHz -BCK, 44.1kHz-LRCLK, and a random signal that dies when the music stops - must be the DATA ). That works fine.

Comparing to my TDA1541 R1 NOS DAC ( 6922 tube buffer ), it sounds good indeed. Much more lively sound but cannot beat the smooth sound of the TDA1541 for vocals.

I do not have a TDA1543 DAC as I do not have I2S and cannot compare if the S1 makes a difference. Will try that this weekend. I have made a simple shift register to covert the Sony ( EIAJ ) to I2S and then I can do an AB compariison.

Wish me luck!

li_gangyi 4th December 2003 04:41 AM

So which shop izzit?? Care to share...??

static 4th December 2003 05:36 PM

Hey man

Is there a chance you can send me a couple of these (1543A S1)

You mind emailing to me about this? (just remove the _NOSPAM_)
I tried to email you directly but it didnt work.

I have an old sony cdp(M-18) that i cannot find manual for, and would like to upgrade/tweek it to get the best outta this old thing
Its got regular 1543A on it.
Pls see my thread:

I also was thinking of altering the output stage, but without the schematics there is not much that i can do. Seems like your CDP is somewhat similar (got similar ICs), I'd appreciate if you can share your experience.

Also does stacking several DACs makes a lot of a difference?
I am also planning to get a Bottlehead Foreplay preamp between the cdp and my SS Hafler amp.


cm 5th December 2003 03:00 AM

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OK. Replies to two guys.

1. Li Gangyi, the shop is at Sim Lim Tower, at the basement. They are wholesalers and do not cater for the diy crowd. The typical answer you get from them is "no" even before you get a chance to say the part number. I dress up a bit better to look like a trade customer, and ask for some initial sample purchase to check on the part. I guess I can go back and buy more samples. Anyway, I do not know the name or address of the shop, but will go down to Sim Lim again next week, and post the shop unit number. Meantime, let me see, I have two Creative CD-ROM drives, 1 pioneer CD player, 1 Sony VCD player....... I better go buy all I need before everyone rushes there to buy up all their stock.

2. Static, if I can get more, I would not mind posting to you. I would be more than happy to do a swap with anyone who can supply TDA1541A S1. Just tell me the “exchange rate”. How about 4 to 1? I’ll e-mail you seperately.

Also, I read your post on your predicament. Actually, just forget about all the analogue stuff. Just built a passive non OS DAC using 4 parallel TDA1543A. Plenty of projects out there in the web on doing this. Tap the three signals, get a 8V supply, and you are done. I probe around to get the pins for my CXD1135. It will be the same for the CXD 1125. The next time I open up the board again, I will post the pin outs. As for the CXD2500, I do not have the datasheet, but my computer CD ROM drive uses this chip. I will be poking around with a scope to get the three lines when I get some time. Will post the pins as well when I get around to doing that.

I attach a picture of the chip.

X.G. 5th December 2003 03:50 AM

Two weeks ago,I purchsed 70 PCS of TDA1543/TDA1543A(used all) ,cause I wanted to build some TDA1543 NOS DACs in the future.

I found the "R1" of TDA1543(Not TDA1543A) in them ;) ,but only 2 PCS.:xeye:

I trust what CM said is true.

hifi 5th December 2003 12:54 PM

X.G pls send me a pm


X.G. 5th December 2003 04:05 PM

what means the "PM"?


Maybe after a few days, I take some pics .

Pedja 5th December 2003 04:58 PM


Originally posted by cm
I attach a picture of the chip.
I’d say the “S1” is printed by someone prone to jokes (crown is missing! ;)).


finneybear 5th December 2003 10:55 PM

cm, if you can get more S1s, can you also share some with me? I do not have 1541 S1 here, but I can manage to get you something else? Or simply I can just pay for the 1543. True or not, I think those S1s are worth of a try.

X.G. 6th December 2003 01:25 PM

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the pic of those TDA1543/TDA1543A I buyed.

The two pcs of TDA1543R1 are in the centre of pic.

sorry,my poor English and photo tech.

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