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Raj1 23rd November 2003 10:29 AM

opamp replacement & dc offset trouble

I had a couple of spare opa 627's, and also a spare pioneer pd-s 801, I haven't really used this machine cause I already have a modified pd-s model. In any case I thought I'd just replace the opamps in the 801 with the op627's. Trouble is I'm getting a massive dc offset of 1200-1400 mv per channel. Either the opamps are blown or perhaps something else is amiss (checked orientation of opamps, 'dot' is to pin one). The player worked fine with the 5532's in place. Normally the 627's have a low dc offset, which means that the problem lies elsewhere. Whilst I was working on the machine, I did not spot any dc coupling caps, I think it may have a dc servo instead, it must have had some kind of dc protection for the 5532's. Any ideas?


PMA 23rd November 2003 10:41 AM

1) NE5532 have high input bias current, this results in DC voltage offset across input resistors, was not there a dc compensation for NE5532, this would make troubles with OPA627.

2) Do you have a chance to measure oscillations, if not, try to approach an AM/FM radio near to the circuit and listen if there are any whistles.

tbla 23rd November 2003 11:05 AM

isn't 5532 a dual opamp....? :bomb:

PMA 23rd November 2003 11:17 AM

Of course, tbla, you got it ;)

Raj1 23rd November 2003 12:51 PM


It would sppear that you are correct, I wrongly assumed these were single opamps, as there is one per channel in the player........:confused:

don't have schematics, but do know it uses dual diff. dacs....

oh well!!


PMA 23rd November 2003 01:27 PM

So try OPA2134.

tbla 23rd November 2003 01:51 PM

.......or OPA2604..............;)

blank527 4th December 2003 11:44 PM


I'm also in the state of changing my opamp to something different.
There seems to be two choices.
- Go with the opamps (mine is now an lm318)
-Go Discrete like this

What is the best option te choose?
Dicrete is more work-effort so it seems.

Remco Blankesteijn.

Raj1 5th December 2003 06:09 PM


replacing opamps is easier, and will give some kind of results. I've built the cd enhancer II, believe me, Remco is very talented, even though he sings the praise of each circuit, they are far better than he mentions, if he says they're better than opamps then they are!!


georgehifi 5th December 2003 08:37 PM

I got great results from that machine using OP275`s one of the sweetest sounding opamps, very valve like.
Cheers George

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