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dtses 7th January 2013 10:58 AM

T+A IR remote & receiver
a quick question about T+A's remote control. As there is no IR receiver in my Pulsar СD1210, the only option is to buy separate T+A receiver with remote that actually looks terrible and costs more than hundred quids. Here are few examples:

- F12
- F2000

the question is may I substitute T+A's combo with some of the Chinese nanotechnological IR receivers + some decent remote?

Infrared IR Remote Control Receiver Extender Cable 2M | eBay
Infrared IR Remote Control Receiver Extender Cable 2 meter | eBay

Regarding the remote I'm pretty sure that either Philips or Marantz could be used as it's CDM12.4 inside :)

dtses 8th January 2013 11:43 AM

any ideas? :hohoho:

dtses 16th January 2013 07:35 AM

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just to inform if anybody follows, I have done a quick test with 38Mhz Vishay IR receiver as the links above are the same receiver just with a cord I suppose. So soldered it directly to pcb and tried to use my Marantz remote that works fine with other CMD12.4 transport. Unfortunately I was unlucky, either T+A uses receiver of different frequency or simply the genuine receiver module is more complicated than I thought...

Mooly 17th January 2013 11:20 AM

Have you put a scope on the receiver to make sure its working. 38Mhz ??? or Khz :) refers to the "carrier" frequency of the IR signal. Even with the wrong type it should still work. If the output is OK then maybe the player doesn't use the codes you think. Marantz/Philips will be RC5 codes.

dtses 17th January 2013 06:54 PM

sorry, of course Khz! Actually didn't thought to connect the scope :D

I'm not sure about the codes and which ones are used by T+A, I imagined that it's somehow set by the CDM12.4 transport itself and the board beneath, isn't it?!

Anyway, I have already found the solution - just had to mail T+A support and in a few minutes got service manual to the player, remote control and E2000 receiver. I really love Germans and it's great that they support even their old products like this one or 15 years old Restek amp :up: No way Primare or Cyrus would have revealed their ultra-nano smd secrets :D

So it turned up that E2000 uses 30Khz TSOP1730 receiver with a tiny circuit from several parts, thus I was unlucky. If anybody would be interested I'll post the service manuals.

Once I get the parts I'll post the results here.

Mooly 17th January 2013 07:03 PM

Good to hear you have an answer :)

The codes are determined during design and will be preprogrammed into the main microprocessor as a look up table. They could be anything as long as they conform to the standard.

Great result though.

dtses 7th February 2013 08:09 AM

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so I got all the parts and found some time to assemble E2000 receiver at last :)
didn't find Z5D5 zener though, but replaced it with similar smd one.

Unfortunately I was unlucky again, none of the buttons on my Marantz remote (that operates fine with Primarе) work here. When scope is connected I could clearly see that IR receiver gets the commands. So I'm stuck now :confused: I assume it's not the zener I replaced, but IR led that is different from the one T+A is using - SHF415. Could that be the reason? Will replacing only the led solve the case here?

Alternatively I could assemble the whole F6 remote, which would be a good challenge for me and most likely it would work then.

Mooly 7th February 2013 10:18 AM

The zeners only possible function can be to act as a clamp when the supply might be noisy and has transients over 5 volt. It doesn't do anything. If you have aprox 5 volts DC present on the receiver then all is well. Looking at your scope shots that confirms a 5 volt logic level.

If it doesn't work it must be a problem with either incorrect codes or a problem with the decoding section of the uprocesser (very very unlikely).

dtses 7th February 2013 10:59 AM

cheers Mooly!
in other words the servo microprocessor is preprogrammed only to native F6 codes (PIC16C55 chip) ?!

Mooly 7th February 2013 12:42 PM

If the signal you have on your scope is getting to where it should go then I think that's the only logical conclusion really.

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