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dgta 26th December 2012 04:20 PM

Need help with Sony CDP-C9ESD
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This is the ES series player with the 10-disc magazine. Need a little guidance to troubleshooting.

Unit handles discs fine but when the cd is in position, the spindle motor doesn't spin. A few seconds later the disc is ejected back to the magazine. The sled does work.

I've poked around and there appears to be no signal from the controller chip to the motor power driver (a 5 pin TO220 driver). All DC voltages on the controller are correct per diagram and the PLL is locked at the correct 4.3Mhz frequency. So I'm pretty sure the controller is OK but doesn't receive some of the inputs it requires to command the spindle motor.

I don't know the logic sequence to begin cd play, so I'm looking for guidance as to what conditions/signals the controller must see in order to spin up the motor. Hopefully that will lead me to the fault.

Block diagram/non-detailed schematic attached.

stephensank 26th December 2012 04:52 PM

On Sony players, the laser must achieve focus lock before the platter motor will attempt to spin. If you are unsure as to where/how to check that signal, look at the output line to the focus coil. If you see it go up & drop to zero two or three full cycles, rather than going up once or twice before settling to a >0 voltage, it has failed to see the disc. If you can get a view of the lens movement from the side, you can see this action physically as well. Failure to focus lock usually means dead or dying laser. If you don't see lens movement, but do see focus coil drive voltage movement, then almost certainly just a connection problem between servo board & laser.

dgta 27th December 2012 06:51 AM

Thank you, that was very helpful. I checked and the lens does move up and down 3 times, then the signal to the focus coil goes back to zero and the disc is ejected. Is there a way to test the laser or should I just assume it's bad and replace it? The laser is a KSS-150A.

Edit: And if I end up replacing the laser, are the "equivalent" KSS-210A or 212A any better, or should I stick with an exact replacement? They all seem available relatively cheap.

stephensank 27th December 2012 04:37 PM

The KSS-150A should be replaced with the KSS-210A(don't forget to remove the static protection shorting jumper solder blob before install), and it is about 90% certain to cure the player. The servo adjustments won't be perfect, but should be close enough to work fine, assuming nobody screwed them up previously. You should buy from a reputable source(,, e.g.), as there are fakes out there.

dgta 27th December 2012 04:47 PM

Thank you very much, I will do exactly that. Your help is much appreciated.

dgta 27th December 2012 06:45 PM

Follow-up: It was a very good warning to look for the genuine item.

MCM sells 3 different items as KSS-210A: one is said to be made by Denon, one by LG and one (much cheaper) no manufacturer given. Only the generic one is in stock. Hmmm...

I did find one advertised as genuine Sony at KSS-210A. And very inexpensive.

Mooly 27th December 2012 06:49 PM

Did you remove the static shorting link on the new one ?

dgta 27th December 2012 06:58 PM

Thanks Mooly, stephensank did remind me of that, and I was already aware of it. Just ordering the part today.

Still curious if it is possible to test the old laser somehow.

stephensank 28th December 2012 02:38 AM

MCM is a distributor for Denon & LG, and the KSS-210A's listed as from them are merely Sony's that gone through those maker's parts stocking channels, i.e., expensive for no good reason. The one listed without maker mention will be Sony, coming from MCM. They are a very above-board outfit.

The way the transport is installed into the changer mech in that unit, replacing the laser is by far the most expedient way to diagnose the existing laser.

dgta 28th December 2012 03:07 AM

Very well, thanks. Will report back after replacing laser.

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