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humanbenIlkley 31st October 2012 11:34 PM

Cambridge Audio CD4 Special Edition - Help
I have recently acquired a CD4SE in good working order, I cant leave anything alone for more than a minute and have done a few mods already!!! i.e.
Dampened the case.
Upgraded the p/s caps to Panasonic FC with 100nf bypass.
I have also whipped out the AD711 op amps and replaced them with some LT1128 types.

So far having listened to it it does sound a great deal more open/airy and there also seems to be more bass weight, not overpowering though.

now my question is does anyone know if the LT1128 op amp is suitable in this circuit? as the original AD711 is a fet based type and i believe the LT1128 to be bipolar??? Do I need to change any of the surrounding components, resistors or op amp supply capacitors, originals being 47uf 10volt sanyo os-con.
I cant find much info on the CD4SE so any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Simon

DUG 1st November 2012 02:00 AM

If you like the sound better than the original design then keep it like that.

If you don't then change it back or keep modifying it.

Back in the days when CRT TV's had a vertical sync adjustment and separate colour adjustments a customer was not happy with the colour balance that the tech (TV repairman) was presenting to her.

"This was too red, that is too blue, no, that is not right"

The tech decided to giver her more options.

Adjusting the vertical hold pot made the picture roll and he told her to pick the colour combination that she liked the best.

She did and he stopped the roll.

She was happy with the results.

Moral of story:

If you think it is OK then it is OK.

sreten 1st November 2012 02:25 AM


I have a CD4SE and other than fitting sorbothane feet it is bog standard.
Info is hard to find as its a one-off design, not like the basic CD4 at all.

I like the balance of the sound and don't really want to mess with it,
its not perfect, but its very good, with great overall presentation.

I can't see the op-amp substitution helping much if at all, YMMV.
Caps I can - might be worth doing in a few years if its still going.

rgds, sreten.

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