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zibra 14th October 2012 11:12 AM

PCM1793 DIR9001 DAC worth it?
I would like to get this board as its cheap and simple. There is also schematic:

24-Bit 192KHz PCM1793 DAC with DIR9001 Receiver and OPA2134 OPAMP

Whats your opinion about it? What can be done to get even better SQ besides good external PSU and better opamp? Any thoughts are welocme.

kevinkr 14th October 2012 03:28 PM

The DIR9001 is only capable of operation to 96kHz so the fact that the PCM1793 is capable of 192kHz operation is irrelevant. IMHO they are misrepresenting the maximum sample supported in their advertising.

Take a look at the Twisted Pear WM8804 spdif receiver and PCM1794A based COD which are capable of 192kHz operation. This also gives you a lot of flexibility to choose the I/V solution that suits your needs best. (I use tubes and transformers for I/V conversion.)

I've abandoned designs that use op-amps as in my opinion (NO FLAMES PLEASE) they do not deliver sonically. The OPA2134 is probably one of the better choices having said that.

Depends on budget I guess.

zibra 14th October 2012 03:56 PM

I dont care that much for 24/192 files, besides for this dac price is everything. I could always take I2S connection from PCM. Just asking if anyone have it/had it/played with it:)

Avro Arrow 14th October 2012 05:12 PM

I have had that DAC for a couple years now (I got it as a gift).
For what it is (and seeing as it was free) it sounds pretty good.
I use a pair of LME49990 in the filter/output stage.

The biggest design flaw is the Mono Amp chip being used as a rail splitter.

405line 3rd February 2013 11:04 AM

Been using a heavily modified one of these for about 3 years and it sound good to me. I have bypassed, decoupled and "resevoir'ed"as much of it as possible and powered it with a couple of adjustable voltage regulators modules from a well known auction site (double regulated) based on an LT1764 reg chip and powered it from an old linear bench supply, the sound has blossomed from already good to magnificent (IMHO) used in conjuction with a hiface you will able to go to 176.4 khz (no sound output at 192 khz or higher). I was puzzled by this so I looked up the spec sheet for the receiver...I think I have found out how come it works at 176.4khz? "The PLL may also lock in outside of the specified sampling-frequency range, but extended range is not assured."

Sampling frequency range is 28 kHz to 108 kHz.
Maximum audio sample word length is 24-bit.
Note of others about the biphase input signal.
The capture ratio of the built-in PLL complies with level III of sampling frequency accuracy (12.5%), which is
specified in IEC60958-3.
The jitter tolerance of the DIR9001 complies with IEC60958-3.
The RXIN pin has a 5-V tolerant TTL-level input.

So if you want some thing made from unusually good basic parts, you can change the opa2134 for something better/different, and/or run the output chips (I use opa 627BP's) into class A you can end up with a really great sounding dac for little money.

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