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legomedu07 4th October 2012 10:20 PM

6 channel USB DAC
Hello everybody,

I know that USB DACs exists, and you can get both left and right analogue signals in the output of this device if you input the digital signal (left + right ) through the USB.

My question is...

If I could group 6 digital signals ( instead of two) and transmitt them through an USB port,

is there any device ( DAC ) which can input this USB digital signal and output my 6 analogue signals?¿

Instead of having left and right digital signals, I have tweeter,midrange and woofer signals for both left and right channel ( 6 signals ) and I want to extract them from my PC though an USB port, and use a electronic device in order to get the analogue version of those 6 signals.

thanks in advance for your help,



studiotech 4th October 2012 10:39 PM

It is possible, but there are far more choices if you can use firewire instead of USB. More often than not, the USB choices are 2-4 channels, while the are many 8 channel Firewire interfaces. Is this for a tower or rack mount PC? Just buy a nice Firewire PCI card and go that route.

Search here for USB:

AD/DA Converters | B&H Photo Video

The Lynx and RME are both very nice. What is your budget, because both of these are around $2000. You can also find ones for $300-$400 from Tascam and other pro-sumer brands as well. There are really not any consumer audio brands who sell things like this for home use, so you need to look at professional audio and musical supply sites for recording interfaces.

Musician's Friend: America's Premier Online Musical Instrument Store

USB Audio Interfaces | Sam Ash Music 1-800-4-SAMASH


legomedu07 4th October 2012 11:01 PM

The fact is that I am working with a mini-ITX board.
(asrock ad2700 =>ASRock > AD2700-ITX)

I have those 6 digital signals inside the board and I want to take each of them to a separate power amplifier. That´s why I need those analogue versions of these signals.

My options are.

a) Try to output these signals through the sound card ( though its jacks outputs ). The problem here is that I am not sure about if I will be able to just use the DACs of the sound card, and ignore everything else, program my signals to go directly to the DACs ignoring the sound card programation.

b)group my 6 digital signals into only 1 signal, output it though the usb ( it has speed enough for that porpuse) and then take this signal to certain device and get from it 6 analogue signals.

c) buy some kind of PCI card with DACs, take digital signals to that PCI card, and take analogue signals out to hypothetical jack output ports the card should have.

d) buy external sound card which allow me to just use its DACs and jack output ports. which one? I have heard about soundblaster cards...

e) buy a gun and shoot myself ^^.

I would like to buy something as cheap as possible... mini ITX is about 150$... it is senseless to buy something as expensive as the motherboard...

legomedu07 5th October 2012 10:04 AM

I have received one answer to this thread that I dont know why but it doesnt appear here... As I find it interesting I will write it here.

Since you didn't specify price/quality... just to show that such things exist:

"External 5.1 Channel USB 2.0 Optical Fiber Sound Card Audio Adapter - Worldwide Free Shipping - DX ("

I have already seen this device, and it is quite close to the device I am looking for but:

a) I would need at least 96khz and 24 bits dacs.
b) I am not pretty sure how does this device work. I am afraid that this device just take the stereo audio signal from the input (2 digital channels) and generate 5.1 audio ( 6 digital channels ).

As I said, I need to group 6 digital channels into 1 virtual digital channel, output it through USB port, and take it to some device which give me back those 6 channels on its analogue version. This is completely different from 5.1 audio converters.

wintermute 5th October 2012 10:13 AM

:cop: the poster deleted the post after they had posted it, that is why you don't see it.

legomedu07 5th October 2012 10:32 AM


Originally Posted by wintermute (
:cop: the poster deleted the post after they had posted it, that is why you don't see it.

thanks for the explanation ;)

I wrote his/her reply again as I find it interesting.

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