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Olombo 14th August 2012 06:11 PM

Ehm...basically just wanted a nice DAC..
Hey out there!

Ok I spent now days in internet and can not come to any decision. PLEASE help me!

I want 8 channel DAC as I drive all my speakers with active crossovers. Solutions which seems to be approbiate:

- Buffalo 3 (twistedpear) with USBStreamer (minidsp). Do I need 4 output i/v stages or are the chip outputs ok in you opinions?

- Get several Ebay-DAC. Connect on board with I2S and USBstreamer or use software JACK to just connect all 4 DAC seperately to pc and use the virtual sound card. I2S as long as the chip supports it I should be able to connect and just leave USB-section dead.

In Case of Ebay-DAC: WHICH???? I assume should be PCM1794 or WM8741. Unsure about the ak4393..
Some I found and look not too bad at first view:
HIFI DIY Tube USB DAC kit ,very good sounds .free shipping | eBay

DAC 2496 (AK4393)+CS8416+AK4393+5532 Kit | eBay

TE7022 WM8741 24Bit/96Khz USB DAC Decoder Digital To Analog Converter RCA output | eBay

NEW V1.9 DAC WM8741 WM8805 Coaxial Optical Decoder 24Bit assembled | eBay

Dual WM8741 DIR9001 input plus PCM2706 USB AD797 analog output ultimate DAC ! | eBay

Hi-END 24bit/192kHz PCM1794 +DIR9001+PCM2706 Coaxial USB DAC Decoder Assembled | eBay

Upsampling 24/192 DAC KIT with USB input,mainboard with PCM1794+DIR9001 | eBay

Assembled 24Bit/192KHz CS8416 + PCM1798 DAC & PSU board | eBay

and the last but also very interesting one:
Hi end USB CM6631+WM8805+4pcs WM8741 DAC kit LCM | eBay

So simple question: what is just best in your opinion!? I want to build this DAC ONE time for the next if bit more or less expensive I do not really care just want be sure I am going to build something really good.

Thanks all!

erin 16th August 2012 06:17 AM

Your active crossover probably already has 8 analog outputs.
What is wrong with it?

If you are using the Behringer DCX2496 it already has modern AK4393 dac chips inside it.
you should be able to apply digital equalisation to balance the freqency response of your system in your room. All of the DAC kits you mention above use delta sigma DAC chips. Your crossover must allready have these. If you wanted to use older R2R / multibit DAC chips I can understand but, really you would just be adding extra complexity to your system and another "thing" in the signal path and I don't personally think there would be any advantage to doing what you suggest.

I think it would be better for you to suggest what you dont like about your sound and ask for suggestions how to "fix" your sound.

Olombo 16th August 2012 08:28 AM


my active crossover is in PC with FIR filtering software. So I have nothing at the moment what is fitting. Usual sound card outputs is not what we deserve or? ;-)

erin 16th August 2012 11:08 PM

How did you intend to get 4 SPDIF signals out of the PC to the DAC?

A soundcard with ADAT?

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