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mschwilson 23rd April 2012 03:52 PM

Unknown laser.
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Has anybody got any idea what make of laser unit this is?

I have no idea where I got it from, it's just one of those things I seem to have had forever.


tiefbassuebertr 26th April 2012 02:00 PM


Originally Posted by mschwilson (

Has anybody got any idea what make of laser unit this is?

I have no idea where I got it from, it's just one of those things I seem to have had forever.


This optical pick up I have never seen before.
Google provides no Results about the number as keyword "41A5Z060281".

Is it in use by a compact disc player or by a laser disc player (LD Laserdisc)?
And in which model?

mschwilson 26th April 2012 02:54 PM


I've had a think about it since I posted the question, and all I can think of is "videologic" ? or something like that.

Now I know the obvious is to say it's a laser disc player etc. but it was a cd player, I'm almost certain of it.

I remember buying it as a cd player, and it only had a single cd type loader.

I cannot remember anything else about it, other than it was black and midi sized.

I've had a look on the net. and can't find anything that relates to a possible player, though there are players from a company called videologic.

Maybe I'll give them a shout.

I'll let you know if I find out anything off them.

tiefbassuebertr 26th April 2012 06:52 PM

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The laser unit is from the same generation than that one from the attached pics (from NEC) so as that one from Toshiba - go to post #43 and #44 about
try to ask there:
1) OEM Factory for KSS-213C,khs400b,khs400c.khs400r,KSS240A,kss-213B, KSM213CCM,Vam1202,CDM12.1,KSM213CJM,KSM213QCM,VAM1 201,H8147AF,CMS-B31,Soh-AAU,VAM1223/11,SF-HD3,DV32,DV34,,hop1200s,kss-210a,kss-210b,kss-212a/b,
2) JusTone Lasereinheiten-Shop / Schaltungsdienst. KSS-240A, KSS-210A, KSS-213B, KSS-213C, KSS-123A, CDM12.1, CDM4, CDM9, KSS-150A, KSS-212A, SF-91, Schaltpläne, Schaltbilder, Service-Manuals, Reparaturanleitungen, Schaltunterlagen , Schaltplandienst
Ask also by the brand name "OLYMPUS" - go to
for their patent.
ckeck also by Olympus' timeline the year 1980 about
go to 1980 about

mschwilson 27th April 2012 04:29 PM


Thanks for the info and the links.

Although it was not the laser, it gave me enough information to narrow things down a bit, and I came up with this;

Onkyo DX-150 zum Leben erwecken ., Hifi-Klassiker - HIFI-FORUM

The laser itself is not visible, but there is enough of the casing etc. to positively identify it as a Toshiba TAOHS-MR.

I was hoping it would be something rare and sought after, but at least it's rare.

I've only heard of two players to use it, and I can't even remember the one I had.:confused:

I appreciate your help though, without it I doubt I would have looked at those types of laser.



NATDBERG 30th November 2015 09:55 PM

I realise this is an old thread...

... but search Vasiltech's CD Player list for the mech listed under the ONKYO DX-150. Gives a mech manufacture "TAOHS" with -MR suffix in this case.

Searching the list for other instances only gives the DX-150 as having this particular unit... still, the list is just an enthusiast's database so may contain errors of have missing data. Whilst TAOHS in different guises crops up in other 80s players it looks like, NADs, Kenwood, Luxman..

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