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Vivek 2nd October 2003 08:44 AM

Samsung DVD player
Hi all,
I was thinking of buying a Samsung DVD player. Would you guys recommend it? Which other players should I be considering for a budget purchase?
Is there anything in particular feature (s) I should be looking out for?
Thanks in advance.


Vivek 3rd October 2003 08:22 AM

Somebody please tell me something! The URL is
Also is it better to buy a DVD player with DTS/ Dolby decoder or is it better to buy a separate DTS/ Dolby receiver?

AudioFreak 3rd October 2003 09:33 AM

Re: Samsung DVD player

Originally posted by Vivek
Is there anything in particular feature (s) I should be looking out for?
I wouldn't buy a DVD player these days that doesn't use Progressive Scan.

Vivek 3rd October 2003 09:58 AM

What does progressive scan do?

hifiZen 4th October 2003 12:44 PM

You need a progressive scan TV to take advantage of progressive scan dvd players.

Progressive scan refers to the way the image is displayed on the screen. Standard TV (PAL or NTSC) is interlaced, which means that every frame is split into two fields, consisting of the odd lines and the other consisting of even lines. The two fields are then scanned onto the CRT screen in sequence, so that the electron gun skips every other line. Progressive scan, however, is like a computer monitor - every line is scanned by the gun. Here's a slightly better explanation, with pictures... Progressive Scan Info (read the grey section partway down the page).

Progressive scan conversion from interlaced source material is an extremely complex procedure, and it is very, very difficult to get right in all circumstances. For this reason, there are huge differences in the progressive scan image quality of different dvd players and progressive-scan TVs. If you intend to switch to progressive and you want good picture quality, then do your research carefully and find products well reviewed by knowlegable reviewers who have in-depth understanding of progressive scan technology. The vast majority of consumer product reviewers simply do not know enough about the technical issues to make a sound judgement about progressive scan quality. For that matter, you will need to educate yourself as well. The above website is an excellent place to start.

As for Samsung dvd players, I have done some hardware design and development work on a number of their players, and overall they do a pretty good job. Their software standards are not as high as sony, and likewise, construction quality and attention to detail is a little lower, but compared to other brands in their price range, I'd say they are above average. I'm not familiar with all of the many, many samsung models (most are slight variations or regional re-numbering of the same thing), but the one you've selected looks like a pretty good choice. I don't think you'll be disappointed with it. I'd also recommend Panasonic as another good choice. Stay clear of Apex and other cheap brands (particularly super-cheap dvd players made in China). These bottom-end units will not give you any features or good picture quality, and they will break down very quickly.

Vivek 4th October 2003 04:43 PM

Thanks for the detailed reply. Actually, I have been wracking my brains about the progressive scan thing i.e whether to buy a DVD with it or not. Today I finally went to a Samsung company showroom and checked it out. I also saw Panasonic, Sony, Philips and Onkyo. While the Sony and Panasonic were a little beyond my budget I liked the Samsung. What I liked about it is the sound reproduction. So, I just went ahead and bought it.
Progressive scan would not have helped me since mine is a conventional 29inch TV.
Thanks again.

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