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wmincy 26th September 2003 07:03 PM

PCM1716 in differential mode
Hi, every DIYer,

I would like to have from you all some suggestions about the Burr-Brown PCM1716 DAC. I got some of this DAC. I once built a converter with the well-known CS8412 and PCM1716.
Yeah, it sounds, but not like my earlier DAC with 2 AD1862:devilr: !!!!
I think putting 2 of PCM1716 in differential mode will araise their performance, does anyone know how to connect them??
Thaks a lot!!!

5th element 27th September 2003 12:28 PM

By differential mode do you mean Dual mono for a balanced output?

Ok maybe not I just looked at the data sheets for both devices.

Right Im not an expert on this but here goes.

The TI chip has two DAC channels within it and a filter thingy. You input the data to the chip and it splits the data into left and right channel then inputs to the two DACs for a left and right output.

The AD DAC is just the DAC on it own, the SM5813 (from data sheet) performs the job of the filter and then outputs left and right channels to two AD dacs for stereo audio.

Also as far as I can tell the TI chip cant be used in MONO mode. If it would this would give you four sets of outputs from two DAC chips which would be used for Balanced operation, v.s SE for the AD you built before.

Technically speaking one PCM1716 does what two AD1862 plus a SM5813 does. If the PCM doesnt sound as good this isnt a surpirse. Looking at the AD specs, they are better then the TI.
For mono connection the TI data sheet will tell you how to connect it, if it can be done. Which I dont think it can :bawling:

If by differential your meaning using two like say arcam uses four wolfson chips for stereo in its FMJ player, then I dont know how to do that. Id say just request some samples of better DAC chips from TI and go from there. the PCM1738 is what KRELL uses in its latest 4000 SACD machine, for a Balanced out. Exposure uses the PCM1704 in its latest 2010 1400 player. This works the same way as the AD chip requireing something like the SM5813. Ivor Humphreys quotes "balancing a cherent and detailed sound with an almost 'analogue' silky smoothness". So that should be good too. One other thing the KRELL chip requires a Microcontroller and isnt hardware set.

Hope that helps, Matt

wmincy 27th September 2003 09:26 PM

I have to give up....
thanks for your reply 5th element,

Yeah you are right, to connect in differnetial mode is quite a tough work, I think it will need a microprocessor to elaborate the signals, forget it!!!! I'll keep it in this way, and trying to do something else in my capabilities :nod: , for example another DAC with PCM1730, or PCM1738, or AD1853.....hehe

rfbrw 28th September 2003 07:55 AM

Re: PCM1716 in differential mode

Originally posted by wmincy
Hi, every DIYer,
I think putting 2 of PCM1716 in differential mode will araise their performance, does anyone know how to connect them??
Thaks a lot!!!


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