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Saurav 17th September 2003 09:52 PM

Is there any way to split a coax digital output? (or, suggest a cheap transport)
Will a simple Y-connector work? Assuming impedances and everything are taken care of, of course.

Here's my situation - I have a DVD player and its digital output is currently hooked up to my receiver. I have a separate 2-channel system in the same room to which I'll be adding a DAC soon. I bought an NEC 6XE CD-ROM drive to use as a transport which is currently hooked up through its analog outputs (until I get my DAC), and it's skipping on some of my CD's. I don't know if this is an issue in the transport section or the DAC section of that drive. I tried replacing the internal switching power supply with an external (also switching) power supply that I bought (cheap $20 jobbie, I figured the distance might help with RFI if nothing else), but that made things really noise so I went back to the original power supply. Other than that, the only mods to the drive have been to remove the SCSI and other unused connectors.

So, my options, as far as I can see them:

* Maybe the skipping is in the DAC section of the CD-ROM drive (if this is possible). In which case, maybe it'll go away once I hook up my external DAC.

* If anyone can think of something that I may have messed up that can cause this occasional skipping, I could go investigate that.

* I can buy another CD player or transport. I've heard good things about Philips and Sony players (seems they have decent trasports?), the Philips CDM12 is an option too.

* I could use my current DVD player, and find a way to send the coax digital signal to the receiver as well as the DAC.

Will a Y-connector be all I need to achieve the latter? I'll check what the input impedance of the receiver and DAC are when they're switched off, but I doubt either one shorts its inputs. So, my DVD player will be seeing a slightly lower impedance (since the two are in parallel), but I expect both to be 100K or so, so 50K shouldn't be too bad.

Anything else I need to know, or any other options I should consider?

Thanks in advance,


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