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chrisey 26th September 2011 09:24 PM

Denon DCD 1700 Cd player
I have a query that i hope someone can help me with. I am quite a novice at electronics but have a lot of interest !
My 24year old cd player has a peculiar fault with the cd drawer. It seems to stick! I have had the cover off cleaned all the guides, the cd tray moves freely up and down, but wont come open only 1/2inch with no cd in the drawer. If you put a cd in the drawer 85% of the time it workes. It appears that the Magnet That sits on the centre of the cd doesn,t release properly.with this pivot piece removed works perfectly. It does appear to work better when warm and the drawer has been opened and closed several times with a helping hand! This has been a brilliant cd player but due to its age im reluctant to throw to much money at it. Any help would be really appreciated.

RS232 26th September 2011 09:49 PM

Had the same problem with my Teac VRDS10 ...
Check the drive belt for the loading mechanism it is probably the original one and is worn and slips on the pulley.
Good luck


stephensank 27th September 2011 03:02 AM

The DCD1700 has two loading belts, both of which are underneath the meachanism, just as in the DCD3300. One or both of these is causing the problem. You should replace both, but you can likely "restore" them for a good long while by soaking soaking them in natural turpentine for just a few minutes, blot dry with paper towel, allow to air dry a while, then reinstall. The access is by flipping the mech over. This requires opening the tray, then remove two screws under & behind front panel of tray to remove that panel. Then, there are about six black philips screws that hold the main mechanism chassis to the main player chassis. Once these are all removed, and tray closed, you can flip the mech over to the right, resting it on the main servo board. You'll then be able to easily see how the belts come out. You should also check that there are no cracks in the drive gears, which is not uncommon on these, though it sounds like yours are fine.

chrisey 28th September 2011 07:41 AM

thanks for your help, i managed to remove the tray and clean the belt and its working ok at present. (needs a new belt really) But i only managed to find one belt, and the gears were ok when washed off, certainly a bit of a fiddly job. i will post on my Denon casette deck later as i also need to change the belt or belts!

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