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Thomas 27th July 2003 10:14 PM

Marantz CD73
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Hi folks

I'm so exited! I just won an ebay (germany) auction for this incredible piece of machinery. It was the tray mechanism (CDM-1 based) that got me sold! I can't wait to get my fingers on it and see how it sounds.

- And, ofcourse, mod it to the day the laser dies a natural death (i hope).:nod:

I read some reviews of this 20 year old machine, and one of the guys wondered what the hell manufacturers have done for the last 20 years. If some of the old caps were replaced, this machine should sound exelent.

Link to the page on ebay:

tschrama 27th July 2003 10:36 PM

Wauuwww... I think it's a beauty! Sounds solid: 7.7Kg... I hardly dare to ask, but naked pictures of this beauty onces it's in your possesion?



Douchekop 27th July 2003 11:01 PM

My first thaught when I saw the picture: WOW!:bigeyes: :bigeyes:

guido 28th July 2003 10:49 AM

Guess it uses the TDA1540 chipset. Replacement of the DACs seems the no1 job then (apart from being 14 bit mono DAC's they tend to fail and start making extra noises, search the digital section here).

Also decoder and filter will be acient: the errorcorrection won't be as good as a CDM4/SAA7210 based cdp. And finding a replacement CDM1.... Or even replacement decoder or filter ic's will be difficult.

But it looks really great!


Pedja 28th July 2003 11:54 AM

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In the Marantz’s catalogue for 1984-1985, it is claimed as 16bit (“with digital filtering” ;) ) machine. However it is interesting, in the test published in TREND (local magazine, at least then it was “local”) in the 1985 it was described as 14bit.

Based only on its look and build quality, in the world of today, it could easily qualify as high-end machine.


Bricolo 28th July 2003 11:58 AM


guido 28th July 2003 03:51 PM

copy/past from some russian (?) site:

"these are reduced to 14-bit words by Philips' "noise-shaping" circuit, then fed to the twin TDA1540 DACs. (Although nominally 14-bit devices, the fact that noise-shaping is used and these DACs operate at four times the normal rate means that they give 16-bit resolution—more on this apparent conjuring trick in a future issue.) "

These are mono DAC's, so there should be four inside...!

PDF on the DAC:


Thomas 28th July 2003 07:15 PM

Thanks for all the comments, I knew you guys would love this baby as much as I. ;)

I think the first job is to get acquaintance with this player , so I can tell if any mods actualy are an improvement. I think, after a week or two I will start out by replacing the opamps and maby some caps. Maby some nice OPA627 would fit in...

Guido B:

Thanks for all the info on the chipset. If it's a 14-bit DAC, then it must go. Any suggestions on what to put instead?

I guess the CDM-1 is my biggest worry. Man, if this thing gets it... Anyone know, if eventualy, it could be replaced with an newer CDM4/9?

Thomas 28th July 2003 07:18 PM


Originally posted by tschrama
Wauuwww... I think it's a beauty! Sounds solid: 7.7Kg... I hardly dare to ask, but naked pictures of this beauty onces it's in your possesion?



I'll post a few...

Mesh 29th July 2003 02:16 AM

Hi everyone, two weeks ago a purchased a CD 73 in mint working condition ... These CD players are very well built. The unit is scratch and mark free including the perspex. I paid $80.00 aussie dollars for it ( about 40 Euro). I was over the moon when I bought it. I have not spent much time listening to it, but my intial impression is not bad... :). I purchased the CD 73 to add to my collection of Generation 1 and Generation 2 CD players that i have been collection for about a year. I dont know if anyone out there is collecting old CD players.

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