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InfiniteGain 21st July 2010 10:15 AM

PS3 unadulterated digital feed for Buffalo 2 DAC
Hi all,

This is a bit of a challenging question for most. So I will lay down some background data to help some understand it.

HDMI connections allow hi-res formats to travel across them, but manufacturers are required to implement encryption for the higher bit-rate and sample rates possible, as well as DSD bitstream (SACD). Only lower bit and sample rate digital feeds will travel down HDMI unencrytped.

The encryption on any BD/DVD/SACD player will usually occur before the HDMI socketry on some encryption chip. Prior to this, there would be a trace on the circuit used as a pure unencrypted digital input for the encryption chip. In theory, you should be able to take a digital feed by attaching a wire to this point and taking it over to the digital input on the Buffalo 2. (I could be wrong, some of this is a little hazy for me).

Does anybody know where to tap such a signal from the PS3? I have an older PS3 that can replay SACD (still, despite firmware updates) and I wish to use it's bitstream over HDMI setting to allow me to send stereo-only output to the Buffalo 2 DAC and use the PS3 as an all in one digital transport.

If this can be made to work, then essentially we have a high quality transport that is also DNLA capable and can handle hi-res WAV audio from a connected hard-disk, as well as be controllable from something like a QNAP hosting TwonkyMedia server so the device can access TV over the internet, YouTube/Vimeo, Internet radio and so on, with all output going out at the best possible quality to the Buffalo 2 DAC.

I know I could open up the PS3 and play around with it, but it is a rare variety and I don't want to brick it.

alexcount 15th November 2010 09:07 PM

It is possible (I have seen it), but it involves soldering a few leads on the circuit board (IIRC on the legs of an SMT IC with mannny thin leads, not an easy job for the skittish) to get the raw DSD bitstream out before it hits the internal DAC in the ps3 or the hdcp.
Do a google search, might take a bit of searching to unearth, it was a few years back I read the article.
I don't think hdmi is the answer as nice as it would be. I'm not even sure if any ps3 outside of japan could even send real dsd over hdmi, despite advertising, but even if it could I guarantee HDCP would prevent it from sending raw dsd over the hdmi, thus requiring additional hardware to hack the hdcp key. though I heard that can be done aswell, we don't discuss things like that here.........

gooki 15th November 2010 11:46 PM

My understanding was the PS3 can not bistream raw DSD over any connection. The software player is set to automatically convert to PCM.

The key here is the conversion is done in software, the DSD signal is likely not to be present anywhere on the circuit board. PlayStation3 Super Audio CD FAQ

If your happy to work with the multichannel PCM then get yourself an HDMI audio decoder board and intercept the digital signal just before the DACs.

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