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Dr.H 27th June 2003 12:37 PM

Wide band Common mode chokes by Murata
Wide band Common mode chokes by Murata

Hello all,

Has anyone here tried the wide band common mode mode chokes made by Murata? 100kHz to 1GHz!!, about US$3 each...

I'll be looking at trying sopme on the DC power lines to my dac. Will report back.


weinstro 28th June 2003 12:34 AM

Wide-band common mode filters
If you want to understand more about what these things do, visit and select "Library". You can download some really nice articles on ferrite material selection, common-mode filter design, etc. There's even a software program available.

There's more to the choke than the bandwidth over which the material is effective. Max current and inductance are the primary specs of interest. For $3, you might be looking at parts that will saturate even with a low current drawing appartus like a CD player.

Second, the material selection depends in part on what kind of noise you have that you want to remove. Some material types are going to be more effective over certain frequency ranges than others. None are going to offer ruler flat noise attenuation across the freq. bandwidth mentioned. Besides Magnetics, there are many other ceramic/ferrite core manufacturers that will be happy to indulge you with free information.



Dr.H 3rd July 2003 03:29 PM

Data from Murata
BNX-0002 is rated for 10 amps (!!!) and has a rated voltage of 50V, tested to 125V DC. Despite these impressive numbers, it measures 12 mm by 11mm...

Trying it in a CDP power supply (TDA1541 dac, 1 bnx-0002 in each of +5, -5 and -15 lines) gave a subtle but worthwhile improvement in what I can only describe as emotiveness. Baically the thing sounded more musical, more emotional. Horrible description I know but that what I heard. I'll do further listening.
I was expecting more detail, not sure I heard much of that.

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