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rkay5 17th April 2010 12:09 PM

NAD C540 CD Player No Disc
I have a Nad C540 cd player that will not read any cds put a disc and get no disc so is the lens bad and can I fix it?
thanks Robert

Mooly 17th April 2010 12:20 PM

Does the lens bob up and down when the tray is closed with no disc inserted... that's the focus search operation.

During those few seconds can you see the laser lit... dull red glow, view from at least 30cm away.

Is the laser assembly at the correct rest position ? If moved away from that point and then power reapplied does it move back to the rest position ?

Is the turntable free ?

What pickup does it use ?

Has it worked and just suddenly failed or has it "got history" such as off ebay :)

ahgriffi 17th April 2010 02:05 PM

I have a similar (but different) problem with mine, tray retracts but does not appear to understand when to stop trying to retract - eventually it spits the tray out again. This only happens with a disc in the tray.

Sanyo make (made, at least) rubbish transports, clearly. I'll be more careful next time I spend good money on what has turned out to be unreliable hardware.

Hopefully the new Rotel RA-1520 amp (picked up today!) will last as long as my now defunct Hitachi HA6 amp did - 28 years - with only minor repairs.

rkay5 17th April 2010 07:20 PM

Yes the lens did all it should but does not light that I can see.The player was working I get home put a CD's in all I get is no disc.So the Lens?

rkay5 17th April 2010 07:32 PM

Get this now it work playing CDR right now whats up.

rkay5 17th April 2010 10:30 PM

And now No Disc again so get a new Lens a SANYO SF-P101N on ebay but is it a 15pin or 16pin?

Mooly 18th April 2010 11:05 AM

Probably the lens, yes, but I would want to do more tests. Lasers don't usually fail "intermitant" so I would want to confirm it either does or doesn't light.

When it does play is the quality of signal OK, amplitude OK etc for which you need a 'scope.

Without and it's all guesswork :)

ahgriffi 19th April 2010 01:33 AM

Fixed my problem (not the same as rkay5's issue), seems the tray had become misaligned with the tray drive mechanism. Removing the tray and manually (trial and error) finding the right spot by adjusting where the tray started in relation to the driving gears did the trick.

It turned out that although the tray was fully retracted, the gears hadn't rotated far enough to actuate the mechanism which lifts the lens assembly.

audio_tony 17th September 2010 04:39 PM

Reviving an old thread, but thought this info may prove useful.

There is a mod for these players, re discs skipping / no disc errors.

Service Hint


If the customer has a complaint about a CD Player not being able to play a CDR or out of tolerance discs, try replacing these capacitors with the following values. This will also provide a cure on some players for “NO DISC” message.

C520/C521 /C522/C524 C540/C541

C122 is changed to 2.7pF C122 is changed to 2.7pF

C123 is changed to 0.01uF C123 is changed to 0.01uF

C124 is changed to 22pF C124 is changed to 22pF

C311 is changed to 220pF


This change has been implemented in production from serial number:
G19C52113901 - C521/C
G19C54108101 – C541/AH

G19C54108401 – C541/C

Mayank 29th November 2012 07:22 PM

Thanks for the service information!
Hi Tony:

I finally got to a NAD C540 which had been patiently waiting on my "projects-to-do-one-day" shelf for a while. It was in excellent cosmetic condition, but with the infamous "no disk" error.

I replaced the 3 capacitors as per the Service Hint you posted above. It works perfectly now and is now a part of my main living room set up :)

Thanks for sharing the info.


PS I also remember reading another thread where one of the members had also recommended upgrading the main power supply capacitor C529 (3300uF/16V) with 10000uF/16V and replacing the 4 diodes D515-517 (1N4001) with faster 3A diodes. I haven't done this as yet.

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