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jerryo 30th December 2009 07:39 AM

Most cost effective way to store cd's
I have done a couple searches but have not found quite what I am looking for. Well, I'm not sure!?
I would like to rip all my cd's to a hard drive with no compression and then play them on my main stereo with as little fuss and cost as possible.
How do I do this?
Is there a "one box" solution?
There are some pretty cheap stand alone Terabyte hard drives available; is this the way to go?.
I must say that the multitude of audio files being used leaves me a little confused so I would be grateful for some advice on this.
Happy New Year to you all.

Glowbug 30th December 2009 09:56 PM

Google "Exact Audio Copy". That's what I'd use to do the initial ripping.

I know you said no compression, but FLAC is a great-sounding format that's widely supported.


Is there a "one box" solution?
Sooloos and McIntosh both offer their own; but like anything, you could do your own and not be tied into their system.


There are some pretty cheap stand alone Terabyte hard drives available; is this the way to go?.
Just make sure to buy 2 of for the music server, and one for a full backup :)

The DAC is going to be the biggest expense...and there are some neat DIY projects for those. The Twisted Pear DAC kits have been getting a lot of good reviews...I only had a chance to see one in person, not hear it :(

SY 30th December 2009 10:24 PM

I got a terabyte drive for $69 and used EAC to load in all my CDs. Using an M-Audio Audiophile 192 card, I've had no desire to go back to my CD player.

This was waaaaay cheaper than buying a CD rack.

jlsem 31st December 2009 12:49 AM

What'd ya do with the cds?:)


SY 31st December 2009 01:24 AM

Boxes in the closet.

jlsem 31st December 2009 03:38 AM


Originally Posted by SY (
Boxes in the closet.

The story of my life...


okkyn 31st December 2009 04:18 AM


Originally Posted by jlsem (
The story of my life...


We rip the CDs, and sell them on eBay afterward. Is that the same as piracy (I am asking).. ;-)

dangus 31st December 2009 07:59 AM

When I saw the topic, I thought it would be about storing physical CDs. One solution I've been using is plastic storage drawers that just happened to be the perfect width and height to hold two rows of CDs. Tragically, the design was revised so the front panel is curved instead of flat. They weren't marketed as CD storage; I stumbled over them by trying various plastic storage tubs and drawers for fit with a CD case at Walmart.

Flac and other lossless formats have the advantage of holding tags for artist, title, etc, which wave files can't do. Ape is another option, if you prefer three letter filename extensions and/or monkeys.

In Canada, Walmart has some "Ultra Speed" USB drives in sizes like 640G, 1T, and 1.5T at reasonable prices. I'd feared they be stuffed with some no-name drive, but reports at RedFlagDeals suggested that many of them use WD "Green" SATA drives. That's what was inside the 1.5T version I bought. Since I don't have a second drive as a mirror, my strategy is to save the flacs and mp3s to DVD-R (two copies, two different brands of media). At around 20 cents per DVD-R, this is cheap insurance. The DVDs are numbered, and dir /b > album_xxx_flac.txt keeps a record of the contents.

Even if you have mirrored drives for media storage, it would be reasonable to keep a USB drive or the DVD-R backups off-site someplace like the office or with a friend.

jerryo 31st December 2009 08:21 AM

Thanks for the replies, they are all useful.
It took me some years to adopt the CD format, and now these seem to be moving away into history to be replaced with music servers and solid state drives of one sort or another. I guess I just need to do a bit of "catch up"!!!
I have seen a media storage device made by Olive HiFi which would be ideal, but it is very expensive, although it does seem to offer everything that I would like as a source.
There is a device made by "Brennan" but this uses compression and also has a built in amplifer, so thats a no..........
I "will" do a search but can anyone point me to a website that covers recording from cd's to hard drives and the various file formats that exist? This would be of great help.
Thank you
Happy New Year :)

SY 31st December 2009 09:13 AM


Originally Posted by okkyn (
We rip the CDs, and sell them on eBay afterward. Is that the same as piracy (I am asking).. ;-)

Yes. It's illegal, and the RIAA has been quite aggressive in pursuing people and making their lives miserable, even across jurisdictional lines.

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