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lhowing884 5th December 2009 07:55 PM

Phllips CDM 12.4 transport compatible replacement
Ive searched around a few forums and lots of googling and I must say, information regarding this CDM 12.4 transport is rare. I have a BAT VK-D5SE that has a failed transport collecting dust for about 3 yrs now and I want to fix it. A quick call the BAT says I need about $500+shipping to repair it. So far, I bought a laser pick up, which appears to be cheap chinese quality and does not work. I remember the tech guy at BAT told me they need to replace and entire mechanism along with the laser pick up, so I thought there must be a compatible drop-in replacement I can buy instead of shelling out $500+. But so far, I have not found any info regarding a drop-in replacement. Do you guys think I really have to send it back in? Such a nice CD player and I miss it, not mention it was uber $$$ spent.

stephensank 6th December 2009 01:53 AM

Go to & search 'cdm12', and fourth item in the list that will come up is the complete CDM12.4 laser w/mechanism. Twelve bucks & showing in stock. Been buying from dalbani for many, many years, and have yet to get a bad part from them.

lhowing884 7th December 2009 07:32 AM

thanks for you input, but i already bought a mechanism and it does not work. I wish to replace the whole transport (tray, servo board, and mechanism/pickup) I am not sure if I am able to do that. I see that the VAM1202 transport looks almost like the CDM12 transport. Any thoughts as to what I can replace it with? I really do not like the CDM12, it has been giving me headaches since I bought the unit.

Mooly 7th December 2009 03:46 PM

The CDM12.4 is very under rated and much maligned.
The majority of problems were down to the grease used solidifying and causing skipping etc. An easy fix :)
I wouldn't dream of replacing the whole thing... even if you could get one.
The ones from Dalbani seem outrageously cheap for the genuine article... but if that's what they are I wouldn't hesitate.

lhowing884 9th December 2009 04:58 AM

Great advice. I have not messed with greasing it and what not. I know of the bad things about the CDM 12 series lasers, which is why I do not want to replace it. I want to purchase one of the newer transports, the VAM/VAL series from phillips. My questions is, is it possible to replace the entire transport with these new models, i.e. plug-n-play? I am not sure of the software and circuits compatibility, which is why Im asking here. Also, the tech guy said he have to replace the entire transport with the servo board, which is why I am assuming they are going to put something similar to the VAM/VAL since the CDM 12 is not made anymore. I dont want to let them eat up my $500 for something that be had for more than half the cost.

Mooly 9th December 2009 06:09 AM

I have heard of the VAM (obviously the correct one) as being direct replacements but when it comes to searching for them etc can never find much info/new stock etc ?

What actually is the problem with yours ?

lhowing884 9th December 2009 07:44 AM

The disc is not spinning, but I see the laser move and is lasing. It seems that it cant read the disc and gives me a no disc error 100% of the time. Before this happened, it would sometimes read it and sometimes not. After a few open and close, it would finally read it. I have never had any skipping problems. I had to deal with the opening and closing thing for about 2 years before it gave up. Im looking at the VAM1202 transport (I think thats right) I am so confused with all the numbers. I am not sure if BAT used any custom software though, so it may not even work.

Mooly 9th December 2009 10:03 AM

Obviously without seeing it's impossible to say for sure.
When you open and close the tray does the whole laser move (give a little shuffle) along it's sled. Immediately after that the lens should move up and down quickly a few times.

Is all that happening ? I take it you have cleaned the lens ? If you shine a torch on it it should look clean and bright.
You have to make sure it's all OK mechanically first before condeming the pickup.

If it does the above... the shuffle, lens up/down (and that is when the laser will be lit, after that lens movement it will go out with no disc in place) then you might be looking at the pickup.

Also make sure the extra "weight" of a CD isn't stopping the whole loader from fully completing it's loading cycle... belts are favourite for that on the Philips mech.

If it were me I would also (with power off) manually turn the worm gear under the pickup to move it to the outer edge of the disc a little, then power up and open/close and make sure it goes back to the normal rest position.

GTHICM 9th December 2009 10:40 AM

Laser Surgery
You might want to take a look at the following for some helpful information in troubleshooting laser problems.


Mooly 9th December 2009 10:49 AM

That's a nice link :)

And this is where it gets really scary on the CDM12.4

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