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Cobra2 9th April 2003 11:54 PM

Overlooked "High End" CD-player !
Just to inform (or brag); by "accident" I found a Yamaha CDX-993 for sale at a local auction, at a nearly reasonable price.
The Yamaha used to be the "flag-ship", and not extremely high-priced as new.

Anyway, after having read this; , ,
and this;

I did the same tweaking, and a few more...
It is the best player I have ever owned, it trashes my MicroMega, my Nakamichi CD-4, my Denon DCD-1500 and all Marantz players I have owned, incl. CD-14.
And it has the best bass ever heard from CD-players, not only deep and focused, but musical!

Im still in shock! It's a "keeper"!

Arne K
NORWAY :cheerful:

Audiofanatic 10th April 2003 09:34 AM

Hi Cobra2,

Thats great, I'm very happy for you!
If you have the chance, please listen to the sound of a highly modify TEAC VRDS 25X and let me/ us know what the differance is between the two players.


Audiofanatic ;)

Elso Kwak 10th April 2003 12:39 PM

Great CDP
Hi Arne, great!
Any clue why the Yamaha sounds so good?:confused:

carlosfm 10th April 2003 01:22 PM

Very good CDP
Yes, you've bought a very good cd player.
Another one, even cheaper, that is very good, even in standard form, is the Denon DCD-835.
Sometimes I cannot understand why some devices aren't talked about, and they don't sell.
I mean, your Yamaha is miles ahead in all aspects to a Rega Planet.
Ever opened a Rega?
The constuction is soooo cheap!:bawling:
And your Yamaha is cheaper, even new, than the Planet.:bigeyes:
It must be one of hi-fi's best kept secrets.:nod:

Cobra2 12th April 2003 07:18 PM

Re: overlooked...
I was looking for a Teac / Pioneer / Sony based CD-player, for "drive" use...(Yamaha uses Sony-laser), and was almost going to buy a Theta Pearl drive(Pioneer-laser), a good(sounding) drive, but did not get the right price...(and I do not like the "up-side-down"-CD-loading).
Have not tested a Teac drive the last 5 years...cannot comment them anymore...
I was just so surprised about what the "modest" Yamaha could do !
Explanation ? A very sturdy chassis(~10kg), A power-supply better than many integrated amps!, discrete output-stage in class-A...many quality-componets(caps), ????

Arne K

JOE DIRTŪ 15th April 2003 02:13 AM

If I could inject some and Phillips have the copywright to their joint design in compact disk hence most manufactures will use their design to avoid infringement....the Denon 1520 was an awsome player with a few mods also...the Yamaha units have always had a great drive....I threw out more pioneer units that were virtually new because they were so cheap!!!!...especially their car units....I havent opened up alot but...not everything..... Rotel seemed to be a well made unit.
Just my 2 cents!!:)

Cheers!!The DIRTŪ

chlo 14th January 2004 02:33 PM

Hi Arne K,

Do you know what's clock frequency of CDX-993?

Many thanks.


weissi 14th January 2004 07:43 PM

Hi! It looks like there are some real CD-Player cracks in here :-)
Whatīs the DENON called LAMDA SUPER LINEAR CONVERTER, itīs in a DCD-890 I got from ebay for 30€? there are 18bit PCM61īs in there, where are the other 2 bits?
Cool caps in there, Nippon Chemicon AFG series.... BUT the transformer, ha, even a crappy noname player must have a bigger one.... The Player is full of that cheap NJM4558, about 10 pcs count.... never found that amount in any other player, they use them also in the servopart.... strange :cannotbe:

jonclancy 14th January 2004 10:29 PM

Hi Arne,

what would be a reasonable price to pay for a used CDX-993 in good condition?????



I noticed the two very positive reviews were by the same author. Looks like a really well put together piece of equipment.

Cobra2 15th January 2004 07:19 AM

I paid about 450 euro for a "as new" unit...

Arne K

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