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joostein 18th August 2008 01:48 PM

Rega Planet "power-out"

I have a strange problem with my Rega Planet CD-player (first generation) that I hope you can help me with. In the middle of playing a track all power seems to be cut off and the CD-player seems to reset. The display and power-on light goes dark and the CD stops playing and then after a brief moment the CD-player starts up again just like a regular power-on by pressing the power button (CD spins, track information is gathered etc.). If I press play again the same thing happens. Anyone know what may cause this problem? Iím no electrician or DIY fanatic, but I am hoping this is something I can fix myself. So far I have opened the case and looked at the mains fuse, which seems to be ok.

I've only got 3 hours to fix the CD-player, the player being at my parents house and me going back to my university-city tonight, so any quick suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Mooly 18th August 2008 04:29 PM

Dry joint ( a pub with no beer :D ) 19 minutes left - easy, get it fixed.

joostein 18th August 2008 08:03 PM


I didn't know, but since it was my first post it took a couple of hours to get it moderated.. Bummer.. I ended up bringing the Planet to my university city so suggestions are still appreciated.

When my father first told me about the problem he said that the player would play for maybe a couple of tracks and then stop. I first thought it might have to do with the motor moving the laser, some dust or something stopping the motor and thus stopping the playback. When I got home this weekend I did some tests which made me rule out the motor. I could skip through all of the tracks on a CD without anything happening, the playback first stopped a short time after I had stopped skipping tracks. I also tried playing a random track and then hitting the pause button, the disk kept spinning but at least the motor shouldn't be moving(?). Same thing happened on the "pause tests", the disk spun for a little while then the player turned off and on again. On one of the pause tests, playing track 11 of a 16 track CD, the CD kept spinning for about one hour, I changed track and after a few minutes the player turned off and on again.

Mooly 19th August 2008 06:27 AM

I would check very carefully for poor soldered joints in the PSU. Particularly any regulators or power transistors.
The clue is you say it "resets" and the power light goes dark. That all points to a PSU problem.
Try gently prodding the board with it playing ( be careful of any live parts ) to see if the fault is physical.

BEAR-K 19th August 2008 02:27 PM

I've repaired quite a few early planets with this fault. The cure is to replace the 4 (four) 1n4003 rectifier diodes making up the bridge of the main +/- 12 v power supply. These are located near the main power switch and the green fuses near there. I replace them with better fast rise time shottky diodes. Check the security of the filter caps solder joints while you're in there, better yet, replace with higher quality versions.

joostein 21st August 2008 01:14 PM

Thank you both Mooly and BEAR-K

I was hoping this was a known problem with the Planet with an easy fix, which it probably is for someone with more technical insight than me. I located the 4 rectifier diodes but I wouldn't know exactly which type to replace them with. The filter caps I didn't even manage to locate:) To ensure I don't mess up my Planet it's probably best just to get it fixed, or find someone with more experience who can help me.

If anyone is interested I uploaded an image of the circuit board to my flickr-account.

Mooly 21st August 2008 05:17 PM

Up to you, changing the diodes is easy. 1N4003 are a standard 1 amp rectifier. Use 1N4004 get them anywhere, or BY127 or BY133.
You can remove them by just snipping each one out ( make note of which way round first) and with tweezers unsolder each bit of wire left in the board. Look for any joints that appear "dull" and cracked. The filter caps are those blue? cans next to the diodes. Check for dry joints on what looks like a regulator ( thing on a metal heatsink )
Good luck :) Just work slowly and if you undo any connectors don't tug the wires.

robmc52 24th August 2008 03:53 PM

What a wonderful thing web sites such as this are, my Planet has been cutting out for the last week or so. A trip to Maplins this morning for some rectifiers, ten minutes with the soldering iron and now it's back in business. Thanks for posting this info.

Mooly 24th August 2008 05:15 PM

Thats brilliant. :)

waj2005 13th November 2009 11:11 AM

Hi There,
I had the same problem with my Rega plannet last year and I had to stop using it finally, Tried to contact Rega to repair the CD witout any luck. Tried few specialist Hifi dealers and answer was at leat this will cost £100 minimun just to send it to Rega for repair.

I tried your instructions as above and replaced the 4 diodes IN4003 from Maplin ( Only costs 64P for all 4) and here we go, it works briliant now.

Thanks you all for this valuable advise, without it I would be spending 100's of pounds.

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