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Rafoo 20th July 2008 11:05 PM

Cirrus 4397 doesn't want Charlize to marry with ... He prefers Rotels. Why ??
Hi everyone,

I've got some problems with my dac and my charlize. Let me explain.

I've built a dac based on the famous chinese dac board using th cs4397 and the cs8416 with lampucera mods (keeping the original aop output). It is in fulll working order, tested with my computer speakers.
I've also bought a charlize 2 with an smps supply (12V 6A) wich was perfectly working with my MP3 player. (for tests only ^^).

I've linked the dac and the charlize, and it worked quite ok (at high input levels, the sound was saturated).

To compare inputs levels, I've tried the dac on a small rotel amp compared to an old cd player.

Then I wanted to compare the rotel and the charlize by using the left channel of the dac on the rotel and the right channel on hte charlize (using the same speakers). An then, nothing, no sound !!!!
The first time I linked charlize and dac, there was 3 "klong" at the start. This time there was no klong but a crcrcrrcrkrkcr crkcrkcrkcrk and then nothing. The rotel was not making any sound either. First I thought the charlize was faulty and there was a protection on the dac because when I unplugged the charlize input, the rotel made sound again.
But the charlize was working with a cd player.
There was no mistakes in the wiring of the connectors.
I plugged again the dac in the charlize. When I stopped the charlize before the dac, the supply was discharging and when it fells between 11V and 10V, I heard music on my speaker for a brief moment !

So I checked DAC output's, and they output a premanent 120mV DC voltage :bigeyes: wtf??????
I think maybe the charlize has built'in protection for DC input overvoltage, but it doesn't explain why when both charlize and rotel are connected to the DAC they're both muted :confused:
I think that the rotel is working with the dac because it may have coupling caps on inputs whereas the charlize does not have any. I'll try to put some 0,47F 5% 630V ( is it ok ? :D) PIO capacitors on the inputs of the charlize to get rid of this dc voltage.

Do you have any idea of what is going on with my system ?

Thanks for your answers in advance.

(and sorry for my poor english, I'm french you know ...)

kanifee 21st July 2008 08:55 AM

Hi mate, i know this is off topic and of no way helpfull to you but im looking into ordering capacitors form across the pond and im recieving one of these dacs any day now, could you tell me what caps are reasent on the power supply section please?

Rafoo 21st July 2008 09:01 AM


You can now find rubycon caps and rjb caps instead of the elna one. I don't know if they are good or not. Note that my pcb is black, it seems to be different from the other ones, but with the same layout.

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