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Cormac 21st May 2008 03:17 AM

Modding a Cambridge AZUR 740C
I am modifying a Cambridge 740C CD player and I would like to have a schematic to simplify the process.
Any help would be appreciated.

Mooly 22nd May 2008 06:39 AM

No takers on this one :) . Perhaps everyones happy with them as they are.
Can't help with your question really as I have never seen in one, but I am interested to know what you think of it ? I take it you have had the top off. What does the quality of the parts look like, particularly the electroylitics, have they got a make on them ( always a good indication ). Can you tell what Op Amps are used at the outputs, assuming it does use them and isn't discrete.
And how do you rate it overall as a player.
Regards Karl

Thomo 22nd May 2008 06:55 AM

Have you tried emailing Cambridge Audio? They're usually really helpful folks, and have sent me a few manuals in the past.


Cormac 22nd May 2008 05:40 PM

I contacted Cambridge directly and had a schematic in about 2 mins,
sorry to waste peoples time. The 740C is built to a price point and is not full of audiophile approved parts. The analogue stage has three opamps in it,two NE5532s and a OP275. I would say the technology is in the player that would yield a favorable outcome when the analogue stage is brought up to speed.

Thomo 22nd May 2008 06:05 PM

I would agree, even the lower range cambridges sound very nice modded. I am just replacing the entire output section of a 640C v1 with a fully discrete class a output stage, one channel done and sounding fantastic.

Good luck with the mods.


rabbitz 23rd May 2008 11:28 AM


Originally posted by Cormac
The 740C is built to a price point and is not full of audiophile approved parts.
My 840C has no go faster bits but it's all been implemented very well IMO. Even the laser is an el cheapo Sanyo SF-P101 but all the parts add up well to make it sing. The smarts is in the design and not the quality of parts.

Mooly 23rd May 2008 11:41 AM

That's interesting. Often fancied the 840 as a possible replacement for my MicroMega Stage 2. An easy to get (cheap) laser unit is a major plus point. Did you just take a chance on it, or did you compare with any others ? I wonder if there are any new models in the pipeline as well at Cambridge.
Regards Karl

Edit, In fact CPC have the SFP101 ( two types 15pin and 16pin ? ) at the outrageous price of 5.51 and 7.47

rabbitz 23rd May 2008 03:24 PM

I did a lot of research on the 840C and seemed to have the goods and thankfully it does. There's not too many unhappy owners out there from my research.

The only CD player I compared it to was my existing slightly modded Sony CDP-X55ES and the Cambridge does have an edge.

I'm sure Cambridge will have a V2 or whatever coming up soon as it's what they seem to do. They've just done the 840A V2 and added the 840E and 840W so the CD player must be on the list. There's not many of their products left that do not have a V2 behind their name. ;)

Thomo 23rd May 2008 03:37 PM

Cormac, is there any chance you could email me that service manual please? Your email is disabled on the forum, but mine is:
lee at

sq225917 23rd May 2008 05:01 PM

according to 'tons of fun', CA support guy there was no v2 840 in the pipes earier this year.

To be honest there's nothng they can do with it, it requires a lot of chnages to make it better.

it took a new clock, new clock regs, all new op-amps and new dac regs before mine sounded appreciably different.

the new dac regs removed that last vestiage of digitalitis.

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