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sonnya 19th November 2001 11:44 AM

They are so FAST!
Friday i ordered 3 samples of TAS5012!
Ive got them today!! Yes! ordered 16 Nov. and recieved 19 Nov.

I am going to test them. Have any of you freaks tested / used them!?

Incredible !! Can't be faster!!


downhere 19th November 2001 03:46 PM

How did you even get samples from them?
Can't find a link on their site anywhere
post a link!

Jon T 19th November 2001 07:35 PM

You can also get everything but the TAS5015 in single unit quantities from Digikey. They're pretty cheap too. They also have the TAS5100 output driver IC, but only in quantities of 46.

I've given some thought to doing something with these chips, but it'll be complex. Unless you use TI's TAS5100 output bridge (very difficult for DIY because of the way the heatsink is mounted), you'll have to design a discrete H-bridge for the output, and probably some sort of switching power supply so that you can move the rail voltage up and down to control the volume.

Definitely keep up posted about what you do with them.


sonnya 19th November 2001 08:35 PM

I think i am going to interface them to a samplerate converter from AD. Ive got some samples of AD1893 wich have a S/PDIF interface needed for all the TAS50xx. Sadly (spelled wrong!?) it is not pin compatible with the AD1896!.
I think i have to make the input as a module.
But the AD1893 can upsample twice from 44.1KHz to 88.2KHz and convert 16 bit into 24 bit wich is perfect for a CD signal. You want get a odd number of oversamples wich i think maybe is important!?
If i go for a module i can implement a CS84xx S/PDIF converter or a TAS3002 (Digital Audio Processor wich is great for active speakers) or a BB S/PDIF convert (DIR1701 or 1703).
I am working a the output stage (discrete) but the powersupply!!! that is a pain. If it is bad the design will suffer a lot!.
The PWM signal from the TAS5012 is not specified so i have to check its frequency!!


sonnya 19th November 2001 08:54 PM

I just found the PWM frequency. for 88.2KHz and 96 KHz it upsamples 4 times giving 352.8KHz at 88.2KHz input.

Wich for the TAS5015 is the same! Maybe the "converter" has to be mounted on some daughterboard for later upgrades!?

It looks like the difference of the TAS5012 and the TAS5015 is in the PCM to PWM converter?


sonnya 20th November 2001 11:04 AM

This is a link to a designnote from ti.

The solution to a simple outputstage is maybe HIP8041A from intersil. It is easy to use. I think i will design with this one.


Petter 19th December 2001 12:23 AM

You could use the IRF swithes that Crystal use to run their setup at 1MHz ....


Lisandro_P 19th December 2001 08:08 AM

Hrmm, a link for ordering TI samples? Anyone? I've been wanting to play with those wide-bandwidth dual opamps....

sonnya 19th December 2001 08:25 AM

Link for samples :
Under Analog and mixed Signal select
Amplifiers & Comparators
Select Productlist under Signal Amplifiers.
Select a type you wan't
When you have selected a type you will on your left side have a field called "Product information" where you can select samples.

Sonny (Sorry for the delay!)

Lisandro_P 20th December 2001 02:23 AM


Originally posted by sonnya
Link for samples :
Sonny (Sorry for the delay!)

Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou :D

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