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DonJuan 7th February 2003 07:02 AM

hi! apparently, the tda1543a accepts japanese input format, as opposed to i2s of 1543. the digital decoder saa7345 of the marantz cd63 outputs japanese format (and not i2s), so wondering how shoudl i wire this together?

i can't seem to find any info on tda1543a. any datasheet or apps note will be much appreciated. thanks!


Netlist 7th February 2003 07:14 AM

Here you go! :)

/Hugo - digs them all up for you ;)

DonJuan 7th February 2003 07:33 AM

i have this datasheet. i'm looking for tda1543a not plain vanilla tda1543.

thanks anyway!


Elso Kwak 7th February 2003 11:08 AM

Hi DonJuan,
This problem with the A-version has been discussed here:
Hope this helps.:idea:

DonJuan 7th February 2003 12:49 PM

Hi Elso,

thanks for the reply. I've read that thread before but it still doesn't answer what I need to know though. :(

anyone has more info on tda1543a? thanks.


Elso Kwak 7th February 2003 02:02 PM


Originally posted by DonJuan
Hi Elso,

thanks for the reply. I've read that thread before but it still doesn't answer what I need to know though. :(

anyone has more info on tda1543a? thanks.


Hi DonJuan,
If your question is how to wire it together my answer is just connect as the non-A version. I believe the pinout of the A-version is the same.
You have the pindesignation of the digital decoder SAA7345?


DonJuan 8th February 2003 05:51 AM

Hi Elso,

mucho gracias for the fast replies.

I have schematics for the CD63 and have located the digital signals. I first thought these are I2S and wanted to hook up a TDA1543 directly but later was told that these are Japanese format, EIAJ. Thus, the 1543 is ruled out.

Couldn't find any info on what the EIAJ format looks like, nor how to convert EIAJ to I2S. But I recall somewhere, some time ago that TDA1543A accepts "Japanese input format". Not sure whether this is THE format as being output from SAA7345. Hence my queries.

Wiring should be the same as 1543 but would like to know more about 1543A and/or these different data formats before I start soldering.



jean-paul 8th February 2003 08:00 AM

Hello DonJuan,

If you would have looked in the datasheet as seen here:

you would have seen that the SAA7345 has a selectable I2S mode for DAC output. Please see page 12. So you can use TDA1543 if you want to.


\Jean-Paul - that always wonders why people don't use Google

DonJuan 8th February 2003 01:58 PM

Hi jean-paul,

Thanks for the reply.

It is to my understanding that the settings are done thru firmware. That is a problem for me as I intend to use the TDA1543A in my Marantz CD63. No intention of reprogramming the micro-controller!


jean-paul 8th February 2003 02:25 PM

Mmm, I just looked in the datasheet and you're right. All I can say is that the TDA1543A works with a Sony CXD2551P digital filter.
A lot of cheaper cd players from some years ago had that combination. It is impossible to let it work with a CS8412 is all I know. Probably it will simply work when you connect it to the SAA chip. I guess it is a case of trial-and-error. Dangerous theory, I know ;)

But why do you want to use it in a CD63 ? That player has a good DAC chip in it !?!? If you persist on using it for non os purposes maybe you can make an external DAC with a CS8412 and a TDA1543. Saves you the hassle and the risk of damaging the CD63. The PCB material used is not exactly rugged in these machines.

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