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si_free 17th July 2007 02:07 PM

Shanling CD T-80 Problems
I have a Shanling cd-T80 that I have been very pleased with for the money- untill now. The problem I have is that the remote control has died on me leaving the volume stuck at setting 25 & there is no way of adjusting the volume without the remote control!!

I have spoken to Shanling and there is now way to restore the defaults without the remote. They quoted US$100 for a replacement remote direct from the factory, a distributor quoted US$180- a lot of cash for a remote that I would hardly ever use!

Does anybody know if there is a code that can be put into a 'universal remote' to rectify my problem?

On some of the higher priced Shanling CDP I have read that bypassing the Volume control chip is a worthwhile mod, this might be a solution that improves the sound quality as well as restoring my volume to full -has anybody tried this with the CD T-80?

Does anybody have a circuit diagram?

Does the optical out go via the volume chip, if it does not then maybe I will buy a cheap chinese DAC?

cartman 17th July 2007 02:24 PM


The digital out is not adjustable by volume control.

BTW: there is no any optical out :)
just coax ;)

cartman 17th July 2007 02:32 PM

and you can check the remote control itself, I guess the battery is not connected properly...

about the "cheap chinese DAC":
I think this would be a very bad solution, since the DAC and the buffer stages are the biggest benefit of this player.
don't loose it!

si_free 17th July 2007 03:07 PM

I first asked this question on 'Head-Fi' but the problem has not been resolved so I thought I would try the learned members of this forum....

I have tried the batteries of course & I have had the remote apart. I tried adjusting the tightness of the screws as was suggested by a member of Head-Fi forum (he had probs with his shanling remote). IT IS DEAD! One day it worked the next it didn't.

Cheap Chinese Dac - I am thinking of somthing like the zhaolu 2.5 which should not sound any worse than the Shanling. At US$129 it makes better sense than buying another poor quality remote? If I ever manage to get the volume back to full on the CDP the Zhaolu will be used with a pc link to make use of a spare laptop I have sitting around.

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