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webercarbmann 20th January 2003 03:32 PM

Clock in a SONY CDP-XA20ES
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HI there

I have a sony CDP-XA20ES that have had an LC audio clok upgrade. The clock module has now been removed and i need to restore the original clock or make a diy clock upgrade. In the original clock there is a 45,158 HNz crystal and a pair of small capacitors. C1 and C2 Does anny of you know what the value of the capacitors should be? I vould also like to make a DIY clock upgrade - have anny of you seen stuff like that on the web?

Anny help is velcome.

hifi 20th January 2003 03:37 PM


R1 = 1Meg
C1/C2 18-30pF

would work


Elso Kwak 20th January 2003 05:03 PM

Cap and Resistor value
Hu Webercarbmann,
In my Sony the resistor is 10k and the caps 10pF. In the CDP-XA30 these values are:....the same.
But if you do want to install the DIY KWAK-CLOCK upgrade you have to remove the resistor and the caps.
Beginnning February I will get fundamental mode 45.1584 MHz crystals that (hopefully) will work in my clock. See also:

Chris 20th January 2003 05:13 PM


Some info about making your own clock you can find here:

ergo 20th January 2003 06:06 PM

If you choose to restore the old clock then for sure use 1Meg resistor as hifi suggests... It improves the sound.

It is totally strange why Sony uses so small resistors in this place. It actually makes a clock a lot worse (more jittery).

I have CDP-XB930 and there the original value is 3.3k !!!!!


PS. If anyone has any theory why they do this I would be very interested :)

alfsch 21st January 2003 11:43 AM

Hi ergo,
i did some work on a new clock for my sa-cd; the crystal is a 3. overtone, so if you load it not (or 1meg), it resonates at 15 Mhz, with a 3k load (or so) it resonates at 3. harm, 45.1mhz, thats why they do it this way...cheaper than complex l-c circuits;
i work on a colpitts 3.overtone clock at the moment if you are interested let me know.


webercarbmann 21st January 2003 05:57 PM

HI all of you

Thanks for the input, to all of you. I think i would like to by one of the precisson 45.1584 MHz crystals from KWAK. I have some 5V voltage reference devices at hand. Would it not be posible just to connect one like that directly to the crystal? This would be verry simple to make. What is the price for just the crystal, Elso?

Thanks Peter DK

Elso Kwak 21st January 2003 07:14 PM

45.1584 MHz Fundamental Mode Crystal
Hi Webercarbmann,
Unfortunately the email button below your post is disabled.
Please contact me about the above mentioned crystal.
Sorry, I might understand you wrong but a crystal and a reference don't make a clock. You need at least a oscillator circuit.
You can reach me by email by hitting the email button at the bottem of this post.:)

alfsch 22nd January 2003 11:53 PM

Hi elso,
sorry for naming you ergo...

Elso Kwak 23rd January 2003 05:25 AM

Overtone Oscillator

Originally posted by alfsch
Hi elso,
sorry for naming you ergo...

Hi alfsch,
I am interested in yourcircuit. Could not email you, same problem as with webercarbmann (disabled email button). Please email me.:)

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