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chanmw 31st October 2005 02:43 AM

Any Phonic i7200 or dcx2496 users in OZ
Hi All,

I have been calling all around Melbourne to chase down a dcx2496. I did noticed that their prices have gone up in the last 6 months, but when a called about 6 shops in Melbourne, they all said the same thing and that the dcx2496 for OZ have problems and there have been many returns, none are in the country, they looses settings in the memory etc….

I have read many good reviews about the DCX and not sure if others have came across the same problems as mentioned by some of these shop.

My other options are the DBX PA, as much I would like to go that way, but $900 is a bit too much of me when I already have the old DSP8000. The other option is the new Phonic i7200. I can’t seem to find any reviews on the unit and I would like to seek those in the forum who may have experienced using it to let me know of their thoughts on it, especially when compared to the DCX2496.


george a 31st October 2005 07:59 PM

Hi Michael

I've been using the DCX for about 10 months now. Only problem was a typical "fried egg" crackling sound caused by th e unit- cured by contact cleaner on the output sockets.
I have nothing but praise for this unit . Initially I was very hesitant about purchase as all I spoke to siad:
a) If it fails its a bin job
b) Build quality is crap
c) Behringer gear is unreliable
d) DBX should sound better
e) Don't dare risk using it on the road..

I did like the look of the DBX but $ far too much.
IMHO the DCX sounds just fine- uese in home stereo (aleph + hafler +scanspeak etc.),

bad points
a) Price has dropped since purchase (now about $500 i believe)
b) Would like more processing power.

The DBX I'm sure is probably a better built unit and possibly sounds better (don't know for sure)
Whilst the dcx is still running I"m glad i purchased it over the DBX (I wanted the 260 driverack but was over $2k at the time)

BUT (and a big but) does the DBX (or the phonic for that matter) have a digital input allowing bypass of several DAC's adc's etc in the signal chain.

This is a potentially big plus to me..

BTw I was switching between different xover settings the other night for listening comparison, - switchover time - less than a second- try that with passive xover's.....:)

You may need two phonics to one dcx (2 or 3 way???)
Also does the phonic have auto time delay??


george a 31st October 2005 08:00 PM

looks like the forum has an auto censoring cr*p came out as **** ......


chanmw 3rd November 2005 12:00 AM

Thanks for your reply george. I guess I will continue to hunt down one here in Melbourne. I really like the rs232 connection of the dcx to a computer feature where both dbx Pa and Phonic don't have.


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