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RyanC 1st March 2005 04:25 AM

Kill your DCX!!! or sell it at least. . .

I had alot of help building my studio mains here a while ago and I was one of the many people using a behring dcx xo- I just wanted to let you all know that I found a much, much better way!!!

If you are like me and you have a computer sitting around (in an iso box of course) you can make a much better XO using a asio capable soundcard and a free or cheap asio host. On my studio monitors I went from being able to hear a 2dB boost or cut on an EQ accross all bands (of a master) to being able to hear a .5dB boost/cut- And it sounds better and the speakers are easier to tune and flatter.

Oh- if you don't need real time playback you can use FIR filters, you will get a 60-100ms delay- they didn't sound noticably better to me so I stuck with some other ones (and i do need the turn around latency to stay as low as possible) Anyway thanks guys-


kfr01 1st March 2005 04:31 AM

Alright .. so what was your solution? Explain your system.

noodle_snacks 1st March 2005 05:26 AM

Sounds good, but to get it into my main system i would want to spend $400 or so on passive cpu and gpu cooling, and perhaps network or flash boot...

tg3 1st March 2005 05:35 AM

Interested in selling the DCX2496? Piece of junk, so it can't be worth much. :clown:

wigginjs 1st March 2005 02:56 PM

I can only assume you are refering to the kxproject.

ShinOBIWAN 1st March 2005 03:49 PM


Originally posted by m0tion
I can only assume you are refering to the kxproject.
An Audigy based card is required for KXProject and whilst it has ASIO drivers, Ryan states that the system he uses just requires an ASIO card. So hopefully it isn't the KXProject he's referring to.

I'm certainly interested in this as I personally find the Audigy cards to be quite inferior to the RME that I use. If its possible to do this through the RME then I will be a happy chap.

tubesguy 1st March 2005 04:54 PM

I'm still looking for the holy grail: an all-digital path that accomplishes a three-way crossover. Digital in > crossover and EQ > multiple digital outs > multiple Panasonic digital receivers, all with volume control from one remote. I don't care if it's a box (modified DCX would be fine, but I can't do the job myself) or a computer, but I'm still looking for an affordable solution. - Pat

wigginjs 1st March 2005 06:12 PM

I have a feeling the tangible benefit of such an "all digital" system wouldn't be that great. Just my opinion.

audio-kraut 1st March 2005 06:31 PM

alll digital to where?
I run cd player to src - deq - dcx(2496) to two six gang pots to amps.
You can also run cd to dcx and then via pots to amp.
This computersolution might be ok for studio or if you run your cd collection via harddrive, other than that i think its a cumbersome solution.

tubesguy 1st March 2005 06:40 PM

CD collection on hard drive > iTunes > Airport Express > digital out. Since it's all digital to that point, I can't see doing a digital to analog conversion until I have to. With dual or triple Panny or other digital receivers, you bypass any analog interconnects and analog volume control.

If I want analog, I can always play vinyl via the Vendetta. This thread is about digital crossovers, however. - Pat

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