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PHilgeman 7th January 2004 01:35 PM

Behringer DCX2496 Initial XO's

I just wanted to post some results from my experimentation last night. Everything here is just about the functionality of the DCX, I donít have a clue how it sounds yet.

First of all, this device is incredible for designing crossovers, provided you know what you are doing with crossover design and have measurement capabilities. It would be just as easy to screw up a crossover with this thing as it would be to screw up a passive. The bonus is that it doesnít cost a thing to buy new parts, or take much time at all to tweak.

Another thing that has come up that I was concerned about before I bought the device was that it would run out of processing power. Last night I got my Shorties dipoles to a listen-able status. I used 4th order MT XO, 4th order sub-mid XO, 3 bands of EQ on the midwoofer, two bands on the tweeter for experimentation, phase and delay adjustments for the tweeters, and I did not run out.

As far as last nights experiments go, I did two things. The first was to get a working 2nd order XO for the shorties. The second task was to get a good 4th order XO. I was able to get good integration and deep inverted-polarity nulls for both a 2nd and 4th order XO. I posted the results on my website. Click the link below to see them. Both sets of measurements are completely unsmoothed. The drivers are the Vifa XT18WO and the Seas Millennium.

I have not listened to the system for a long enough time to evaluate the sound. I was also using analog inputs, and probably only using 10bits of a 24bit ADC. I wont have a real six channel volume control for a while, but I am going to set up 3 dual-ganged pots to control the tweets, mids and sub. Once I get it dialed in, I wont be able to change the volume more than about 10dB through the input level control, but I can live with that for a few weeks.

-Paul Hilgeman

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