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bigpandahk 16th May 2012 12:49 PM

Build Thread for TPA BIII + Ian Async I2S FIFO + OPC NTD1 + Salas SSLV
In the past few weeks, I spent lot of time to go through hundreds of pages of discussion regarding BIII, I2S, D1 and SSLV. It is difficult for me to remember or record every important notes for building, connecting or configuring all these modules. I open this thread is hoping the expert members can share their experience in building the BIII DAC with similar configuration.

I got Ian's Async I2S FIFO and is connecting with my WM8741, have GB the BIB and buying remaining components to build the SSLV for BIII and Legato, waiting for the delivery of BIII and hoping the GB for the NTD1 will be started soon. Casing will be the last task.

This will be my largest DIY project ever:D

reenberg 16th May 2012 01:45 PM


remaining components to build the SSLV for BIII and Legato

Would love those values too, always nice to have a good starting point ;).......

bigpandahk 16th May 2012 02:34 PM

I am still reading the BIB guide to figure out the required components. The three SSLV will be :
5.25V 600mA for BIII
+-15V 500mA for Legato

Ian should have all the information as he already built it.

bigpandahk 17th May 2012 05:22 AM

Reviewed the BIII integration guide again and here is the SSLV arrangement:

5.25V 800mA for BIII + Sidecar + Teleporter
15V 500mA for Legato

So the BOM in addition to the GB are:
MUR820/40/60 x 12
10u 63V MKT x 6
220u 63V x 3
47u 63V x 3
10000u 63V x 3
270R x 6
47R x 3
1R x 6
3.5R 5W x 3
200R trimmer x 3
220R x 3
12V 10VA transformer
18-0-18V 20VA transformer

bigpandahk 17th May 2012 08:15 AM

Some mistake on the quantities of capacitors, and to have more voltage margin for the SSLV, the transformers also changed:

MUR820 x 12
10u 63V MKT x 3
220u 63V x 3
10000u 63V x 3
270R x 6
47R x 3
1R x 6
3.5R 5W x 3
200R trimmer x 3
220R x 3
15V x 2 15VA transformer
24V x 2 30VA transformer

Please advise me if any error found, I will place order tomorrow.

hochopeper 17th May 2012 09:56 AM

Before placing those orders you should check the amount of heat you're going to have there I think.

Also are you planning on using the legato long term or the NTD1? The NTD1 has a regulator for the DAC built into the PSU section of its PCB, not sure if you noticed that or not so wanted you to know so that you don't burn money on gear you might not use.

bigpandahk 17th May 2012 11:30 AM

Hi hochopeper

Thanks and appreciated your advice. My initial plan is use NTD1, but the GB for NTD1 won't be happened in the near future, I have no choice and sent another order for the legato. This temporary setup would cost me $250. I haven't order the additional components yet, suggestions are welcome. May be just simply use LT regulator for this temporary setup!

iancanada 17th May 2012 12:45 PM

I ordered OPC NTD1 yesterday, so I'll have everything :) .


bigpandahk 17th May 2012 12:47 PM


Originally Posted by iancanada (
I ordered OPC NTD1 yesterday, so I'll have everything :) .


I watch the thread everyday but didn't see any news on the GB:confused:

Ian, I saw your name in the potential buyer list but OPC hasn't confirmed the GB yet.

qusp 17th May 2012 01:09 PM

yes he has, quite clearly over a few posts; just yesterday and today he has confirmed hes putting the order in and he will send the USA + Canada to Pinocchio and the rest to me for us to distribute PCB ONLY.

wow its really strange, its like there is some sort of confusion field that surrounds group buy threads. people with normal comprehension skills suddenly cannot read, they post in the GB thread with their order by copying the list and adding their name, but fail to take note of information contained in other posts before or after theirs; often not even completely reading the first post or the page they post their order on.

for instance even though myself and hochopeper have pretty much filled every second post in the NTD1 thread over the last 4-5 pages with statements saying that I do not intend to supply matched fets to everyone, just a few people and with no commitment and even though nobody else has stepped up to do it, the names pile up with the order for PCB + fets. people only look at the list it seems, ive noticed this phenomenon over the last 4-5 group buys ive been involved in and its really quite staggering. it could almost form the basis of a psychology/human behavior thesis.

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