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Liliya 10th March 2012 08:37 PM

SDAC-1 from former
I am seeking members of this site that have built or have the information I need on SDAC -1 from the former www.audioDIYLab. com. The man behind this site was Solomon Tsao.
I built this DAC some years ago. The information I need is how to set the output for BALANCED OUTPUT.
Can anyone give me a helping hand?

Eivind Stillingen

Armand 20th March 2012 01:12 PM

I have studied the datasheet for this DAC and I have the following suggestion about the DIP switches for balanced mode (which I assume is the default setting for the SDAC-1 anayway...)

S1 and S4
The switches on S1 and S4 control the audio format and mute. They should all be tied to GND to activate I2S audio format and disable MUTE. (i.e “ON”)

S2 and S3
• With the switches text oriented towards you, the leftmost switch on S2 and S3 is not connected and does nothing.
• The next switch control the MONO input and should under normal conditions be activated by linking them to VDD2. (i.e “OFF” on the DIP Switch). This is because the SDAC-1 has 2 DAC’s. One for each channel.
• The next switch CHSL should on S3 be tied to GND by setting the switch to “ON”. This will configure this DAC to handle the left channel. On S2 it should be tied to VDD2 by setting the switch to “OFF” This will configure this DAC to handle the right channel.
• The last switch (right) control the De-Emphasis (DEM). These should be tied to GND to disable De-Emphasis. (i.e “ON” on the DIP Switch)

Also see table on page 17 in the datasheet.

Also, all thes switches control input pind on the DAC so there is really nothing you can do that damages the DAC by trying different configurations. Just remember how they were ;)

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