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markm1111 23rd February 2012 02:45 AM

2 x miniDSP balanced with analog switch suggestions
Hi - warning, I am quite inexperienced so am hoping for some help! Apologies if this is the wrong sub-forum

I have an integrated 2 channel and HT system to which I want to add stereo subwoofers. Due to the limitations of access and where I can fit the subs, my only real option is passive subs with external crossover and amps.

For 2 channel use, I want to use the unbalanced pre outs from my 2 channel pre to send to a balanced miniDSP, take out everything above 50Hz, then send to balanced ICEpower power amps to drive the subs. I will then EQ using miniDSP as well.

For HT use, I want to use the AVR front pre outs to send to the HT bypass of the 2 channel pre to drive my front speakers. I want to send the LFE channel to another balanced miniDSP for EQ purposes, then out to the power amps. The AVR will probably cross at 80Hz.

I don't need to have input from both the pre and the AVR at the same time, and I think the EQ parameters may be different between the two implementations. I need the balanced miniDSPs as the input sensitivity of the power amps is 2Vrms.

I would like some suggestions on parts, process, design etc. My rough layout thoughts are:

Single enclosure, 240V AC input
Internal power supply to convert 240v AC to 12V DC to drive the miniDSPs
2 x miniDSP balanced kit boards
4 x RCA inputs
2 x XLR outputs
2 x USB connections to program miniDSPs
Design for some form of switch to choose between the outputs of the two miniDSPs to send to the XLR outputs. Switchable from front of enclosure
Power switch, preferably on the front.
Possibly a pot for each miniDSP to vary the volume digitally for fine tuning of output

I am very new to this, so don't know exactly what I need for parts, whether or not having the power supply in the enclosure is a good idea, how difficult it would be to implement the switching arrangement etc.

Any feedback I can get would be much appreciated - thanks in advance

twest820 25th February 2012 05:26 PM

So you have a biamp with two inputs and a possible need to vary the DSP config based on which input is selected? If so a single 2x4 is probably fine. While the ADAU1701 SigmaDSP part used in the MiniDSP 2x4 has only two ADCs most gear has a SPDIF out you should be able pick up with a MiniDIGI.

SigmaDSP hardware and SigmaStudio support varying the DSP configuration based on what input is selected. I'm not familiar with MiniDSP's software so I can't tell you if it's supported at their level---the MiniDSP forum would be a better place to ask.

markm1111 27th February 2012 06:07 AM

Thanks Twest - I suspect my level of knowledge is seriously lacking after doing alot more reading. I think the questions I am asking are a bit too basic - I will need to refine what I am asking. Cheers

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