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ComputerJLT 9th September 2011 03:49 AM

Maybe I should post this here, modifying a 3sixty.2 with an AD1940 DSP
I posted this in the car audio section but this may be more in line with this subforum. I have a rockford 3sixty.2 in my car right now and I want to add a digital input to it and maybe modify the opamps/caps etc. The unit has 6 inputs (setup in 5.1 style fr fl rr rl center cub) with an aux input. you can switch from either 5.1 in or 2ch aux in and you get 6 outputs (again 5.1 style). I'm hoping i can tap into the lines between the ADC and the DSP and feed it some spdif or use an spdif-i2s converter or something, i really dont know a lot about the digital side stuff.

I would like to use a carpc as a source with a strictly digital out feeding this guy tunes and then going on to my existing speakers/amps.

at the heart of this thing is a analog devices AD1940 24bit 16ch (8 in 8 out?) and then an AD1871 2ch ADC and then an analog devices AD1938 4ch adc 8ch dac (kinda weird how they used two separate chips as adc/dac but whatever i can't see the schematic so idk what is going on).
and then there are a lot of texas instruments TL072C op amps littered about in this thing. are these good or should I look into replacing them too?
All of this seems to be controlled by an atmel atmega16l. I really thought there would be more to this thing.

either way i think with a bit of prodding with my o-scope and m-meter i can track down the aux and the front inputs where they feed into an ADC. (i think these are switched somewhere before the 1871 as the primary channels for the dsp then the other 4ch as up to 6 input channels can be used on the rf at a time, then you can switch to aux where its the only thing used). I'm hoping i can just lift the digital out of that ADC and make some simple circuit that converts spdif/toslink to i2s or whatever language the DSP speaks (anyone know?)...
i may also have to figure out how to up-convert 16bit digital audio out of my pc to 24bit or somehow lock the output of my pc to 24bit 192khz from 16bit/96khz??

Any help/input is appreciated!!!

luka 16th September 2011 12:38 PM

like I said, I'm interested

ComputerJLT 16th September 2011 05:36 PM

Im going to attempt this weekend to dump the atmel atmega16l and poke around in its code. Maybe see if i can get a better idea how audio flows through this thing

luka 16th September 2011 06:11 PM

cool, report back what you'll find out

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