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Phaedras 18th August 2011 03:33 PM

MiniDSP coupled with Cerwin Vega and NAD amps!
Hey guys

I've been contemplating about a setup I'm wondering if would work.

What I have:
Cerwin Vega 0.8kw stereo power amplifier
NAD C370 Integrated Stereo Receiver

What i'm building:
2 x Billfitzmaurice Omnitop12 with a deltalite 2512 and a 12piezo array in each
2 x Billfitsmaurice Titan39 subwoofers.

What I wanna do:
I've been wondering about using the miniDSP as both electronic crossover, volume control and EQ. The main music source will be a computer 99% of the time, so im guessing im gonna need a Rev A.
Would it work to connect the computer to the miniDSP, have it cross at something like 120hz and then send the highs to the NAD and let that handle the Omnitop12s and send the lows as mono to the CW and let that handle a subwoofer on each channel?

Phaedras 19th August 2011 09:04 AM

Really? No answers? Is it an ignorant question or a too complex one? :)

erin 22nd August 2011 10:29 AM

Yes. Your understanding of active crossovers sounds fine. Except why run the subs as mono if you have two subs? wouldn't it be better to run the subs in Left Right, rather than mono?

But I don't know about what "Rev A" is? I presume it is a USB Audio input version?

curryman 22nd August 2011 12:04 PM

The boxed version of the miniDSP 2x4 is available as rev A (input sensitivity 0.9Vrms) and rev B (input sensitivity 2Vrms). However for the actual Version of the miniSDP this only refers to a factory preset. The input sensitivity is selected via jumper and can be changed after opening the case.

However if a little bit more DIY is possible I would go for a non boxed (miniDSP 2x4 kit) version and additionally use a miniDIGI to realize digital input. Why doing additional (lossy) DA (Soundcard) and AD (miniDSP) conversion? With the kit version it is also easier to realize volume control via potentiometer.

Phaedras 22nd August 2011 01:56 PM

Thanks a lot for your answers.. I've actually set myself on the non-boxed version and im gonna put it in an enclosure myself.. I've ordered the volume pot from miniDSP..

How does the miniDIGI work when the input is from a pc or an ipod? :)

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