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Frosteh 16th August 2011 07:27 PM

2 2x4 or 1 2x8 MiniDSP
I have 3 channels I need to cross over and eq: Mid, High, and Sub. I just need a simple XO for the mids and possibly a little extra EQ, but not much. For the sub, however, I need an XO, Linkwitz Transform, and Parametric EQ to run it correctly. I'm not sure whether the MiniDSP 2x8 will be able to store all the settings I need, which is why I'm considering buying two of the 2x4's. Two 2x4's is also $100 less than a 2x8, and I don't really need the balanced option since I don't have any balanced inputs on my amps. I also don't think I'll notice a difference between the 48KHz and the 96KHz sampling rates. Is there any reason to spend the extra $100 on the 2x8? Another advantage of the 2x4's is that they're overall a lot smaller and will be able to fit in a smaller and less expensive rack enclosure. Which should I buy?

Mick35 18th August 2011 09:47 AM

If it where me I'd opt for the 2x8, just for the 96khz option. High rez downloads are becoming more popular and the sonic benifit really makes it worthwhile. Just my thoughts though.

curryman 22nd August 2011 01:29 PM

I am currently using 2 2x4 and they really work very well, but will go for a 2x8 in the near future for several reasons:
  • only one USB connection. If you only want to do a little change (e.g. changing the gain of a PEQ) you always have to connect the first miniDSP, do the change, disconnect the first and connect the second miniDSP and do the change again.
  • Up to four presets can be stored: e.g. Movie, Linear, Loudness.
  • IR remote control function (in the future)
  • higher spec'ed ADC/DAC and 96 kHz

jaistanley 23rd August 2011 06:34 AM

I had the same choice to make and I went for the 2x8 for all of the reasons mentioned above.

It is an excellent product, and very versatile.


lduarte1973 23rd August 2011 07:57 AM

There is the new 8x8 + 2 digital out , also future plugins might be designed with the 8x8 in mind.if you buy the mini digi you can feed the mini dsp with digital signal from the dac/cdplayer/pc/dvd etc.

lduarte1973 23rd August 2011 11:42 AM

after looking better you will only need the 2x8 to make a 4 way crossover at 96khz, 100$ cheaper than the 8x8 , it enables you to combine left and right signal to a single input like LFE or connect to analog stereo RCA of your subwoofer , i dont know if you can but i can ear the difference between 48/96/192. if you buy the mini digi 40$ you can have all digital signal till minidsp then analog to the amps and sub.

lduarte1973 23rd August 2011 12:25 PM

2 minidsp 2x4 - 250$
1 minidsp 2x8 - 300$

unless you´re in a tight budget it´s obvious what´s the best choice

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